The Funny Pages – Major Oil Companies In Child Support Court?

It seems as though everyone these days has a scheme. some of the most ingenious schemes are cooked up in the roughest times of need. People are hurting out here in this country and many refuse to do without and will do what it takes to not only make ends meet but to also attempt to live a life of luxury! “Why not?” They say to themselves, “the rich don’t care about us and they won’t open up any opportunities for poor people to live a little better!”

So we have a great majority in this nation seeking to cut corners which ever way they can to take of the stress of diminishing financial resources, some are honest, others are NOT so honest. But one thing is for sure, the schemes that have been cooked up recently to make money are getting even more creative than they have ever been! It has been said that humans only use a small percentage of their brains in the world today and would get great things accomplished if they could use a little more of their gray matter between their ears!

Why is it that a man who smokes crack begins to think up all types of innovative ways to make money coupled with a sense of urgency to actually go out to the streets to work his plan with no shame when before he touched the crack pipe he may have been complacent in his approach to life and its achievements? Why can’t we be as determined to succeed WITHOUT the stimulation of drugs?

Just a thought…….

But while many money making schemes will come and go, it is agreed upon in the Black community that a fair amount of women have used and manipulated the child support enforcement laws in their behalf in order to “get paid.” Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that this the case with all women, but some have taken this positioning to a high art as well as having the cunning to manipulate every facet of the public welfare system as well as every agency that will give them a handout in order to live a life that would be considered “ghetto fabulous! again, this is not every woman because I have seen so many woman left alone to raise their children after the man has skipped out on them and they deserve to make that man pay!

But what about the women who CHOOSE a man to lay down with based on his high income in order to box him off in a corner to GET paid well later on down the line? Well, in my twisted mind I thought to myself that it is just a matter of time before some ‘hood rat comes up with the scheme to make the major oil companies pay up in child support court and here is the reason why…….

Just listen in on this conversation of a woman exiting the gas from inside of the gas stations cashier’s station…….

Remember, you heard it here first!

Imagine the stir it would cause if someone had the nerve to bring Citgo, BP, Shell in an attempt to foolishly shake some money down out of them? I could hear Maury Povich now:

You ARE the Father!

Life in the ‘hood would NEVER be the same!

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