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When I watch the evening news and hear of the hijacked Tea Party scream out how they want their country back I can’t help but wonder where did get the nerve to even think that this country was theirs in the first place to even say that they wanted it back?

How do you steal something from someone and have the audacity to feel as though it was yours?

Isn’t that a sign of some kind of psychological imbalance or just being plain ol’ delusional? I guess if you are taught a lie for so long that you will have no choice but to accept it as truth.

How sad.

Because when you really look at it, many of those who are blindly following the “talking heads” of the media propaganda machine are only mere spectators in this wonderful thing called life and never took charge of their own lives to research for themselves what is right and what is wrong in the world around them!


How do they say it?

“Ignorance is bliss?”


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  • Charlotte says:

    I also wondered the same thing. Seeing that the Europeans gave the Native Americans small pox, slaughter those still alive, and forcefully remove those remaining off their land. Like the old saying goes, " the absence of knowledge is ignorance".

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