The Funny Pages – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Big Announcement!


I did this comical piece while watching the interview of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the Piers Morgan show on CNN. Out of all of the politicians that I ever observed, I really get the feeling that this man is authentic and a no nonsense “what you see is what you get” type of person.

It was also very refreshing that he absolutely refused to run for the presidency of the United States because of the crucial ages of his children that are in their very formative years of development. Piers Morgan humorously attempted to get a definite answer from Governor Christie’s wife and children as to if he was really NOT going to enter the race to be president and pretty much got the same response that the Governor gave in the first place. You can tell that they are a close knit family indeed!

Being the fact that the interview amplified the very desirable traits that Governor Christie possesses in abundance, I decided to do a nice light hearted version of  The Funny Pages on him.


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