The Funny Pages – President Obama Advises Secret Service Agents On Their Recent Sex Scandal

Now wouldn’t THIS be funny if President Obama was to really tell his Secret Service something like this? It’s kind of scary when you think about it, here are men who are supposed to be trained, focused and disciplined above all others, yet they lost control on the most basic of levels and couldn’t wait to do what they had to do appropriately.

Secret Service Sex Scandal

Appropriately? Yes, especially for those who have wives at home, but for those who don’t there is no excuse either. No I know that there must be some type of system of rotation implemented so that some of the Secret Service detail can get time off while others cover the President for his safety, but what about the image here? aren’t they aware that some things just can’t happen and that this is the very thing that will make Americans look bad when you really look at it?

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with a man wanting to experience some type of sexual release, especially with such a dangerous job that is full of so much pressure. But you also have to understand that this is the very area of weakness that could be used against them by an enemy who is looking to strike back at the United States!

For crying out loud they were dealing with individuals who were there to make money and money alone. While it is a fact that prostitution is legal in that country and that I am quite sure that those women were not all that bad as individuals, just imagine for a moment if they were approached by some type of terrorist and offered large sums of money to set them well off for life in order to help get that terrorist into position to do some type of life threatening harm to them?

Now THAT’S something to think about!

Thank God THAT didn’t happen because it truly would have been an even BIGGER TRAGEDY!

So think twice before you take the plunge gentlemen, a little jar of Vaseline, a towel to clean up the mess and your favorite porn site would have made a BIG DIFFERENCE to keep your job and kept you out of the headlines today!

Can I get an amen?


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