The Funny Pages – President Obama Is Overheard Speaking To Vice-President Joe Biden About Transparency

Maybe it’s just me but imagine what it must be like to be the President and the Vice-President of the United States, could you imagine the information that they are privy to in their daily briefings of what is happening in the world around us? Could you for one moment understand how many different variables that they have to factor into making the decisions that they do constantly?

Just think of the things that they know that they CAN’T tell us!


It really must be some things that turn most past President’s hair white over the course of a four year span and worse if they happen to be re-elected for another four year term! I speak to many people from all over the world who are quite intelligent to say the least and the things that THEY share with me about their side of the globe that never make it here to these shores as far as news is concerned can make MY hair white and I am bald so you KNOW that there are some heavy decisions to be weighed out that could change the course of this planet in an instant!

And if we were to know what these things were to be able to put our lives into the proper perspective would it seem THAT bad when someone cuts in front of you in traffic?



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