The Funny Pages – Rob Blagojevich’s Next Seat

I’ve never lived in Chicago before, but from what I am told by others the politics there are amongst the dirtiest and lowdown in the entire country! That’s not really saying much when you consider how cut-throat the business of politics can be all over, but then again it has to be bad when it is accepted to be the slimiest place to cast a vote.

But in a town known traditionally for its classic well known gangsters, why would you expect anything different from the politicians? Especially if (And I am assuming!) those old school politicians just about HAD to be taking bribes for those same gangsters to stay in business as well and as long as they have. It’s a Chicago tradition! But Rob Blagojevich found out the hard way that you can’t always be “gangster” and gung-ho, you also have to be cool and know WHEN to pick your hustles because one day your number will come up if you don’t know to lay low!


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