The Funny Pages – Strange Sex Laws In The United States Of America

Wow! While I do spend plenty of time (and really not as much as you would think!) writing my thoughts on this blog of mine, I also take just a little time to look sideways at some of the other blogs out there. One aspect of my web surfing that I’ve found to be quite thought provoking to jump start my own creativity (Which, in actuality I never ever had a problem doing!) was to view the work of other artists all over the world.

I have to say it out loud, but it is an unwritten rule amongst artists to not say anything negative or derogatory about the expressions of others…….so I really don’t like speaking about the work of other artists or what they consider “art” unless I have something really good to say about it, but some of the stuff that I’ve run across out here on the internet is just absolutely WEIRD!

But who am I to judge?

Because if truth be told there are many who consider my creations or for that matter my blog to be a very weird addiction for me! So I guess we will consider it an even score because judging by the following of some of these offbeat websites and blogs, I would have to say that everyone who others might feel are weird have just as much people out there who overwhelmingly LOVE their particular brand of “weird!”

Now I ran across this blog named Bernard Perroud, it’s a blog that pretty much showcased the things of this world that are of an artistic nature that probably fascinates him. Whether it be paintings, sculpture, eroticism, architecture or a myriad of other categories that are too difficult to define.

Interesting stuff.

But one of the postings was a list of some of the unknown sex laws that are supposedly still active here in the United States. I thought that I would share it here for everyone else to get a laugh. I left my comments on each law below and would love to hear what you have to say about each one or any one of them also. Enjoy!

1) So I guess it the prostitutes those 18 states charge more for that particular act due to the risk involved with the law?

2) I guess that’s the excuse used when they wake up in the morning and realize that it was their sister or cousin in the bed with them!

3) But I bet they won’t get locked up for cussing out their wives publicly at the local Walmart, either it’s a form of disrespect, or maybe it’s a little masked verbal foreplay before they get home where they MIGHT get locked up for continuing their hot dialogue!

4) Yet in Georgia “Common-law marriage” is legal! Go figure out that one!

5) All due respect to our beloved President Barack Obama, but there is NO WAY that he is only doing the missionary position with Michelle with the manner in which SHE is “endowed and adorned” in the gluteous maximus department! Look for President Obama to be brought in and detained at the downtown Washington D.C. Police headquarters on “suspicion of illegal doggy-style activity while running country!” Heck, between you and me I believe this is the very reason WHY this man is so cool under pressure! Way to go Michelle!

6) Can anybody say: “R-E-D-N-E-C-K-?”…….I don’t know about you but Brothers don’t do dumb stuff like that when they are “getting theirs!” Why am I hearing: HEEEE HAAAAWWWWW!          I rest my case.

7) There HAS be a story behind this one and it sounds like a personal vendetta! If not, they better pay those toll booth collectors a little more money because it damn sure sounds like they are turning tricks from the toll booth because you KNOW that truck drivers are horny little devils from the get go! Maybe THAT’S why the woman at the toll booth winked at me and had a bit too much cleavage showing! I guess times are HARD!

8) Wait a minute! I LIVE in Florida and haven’t even SEEN a porcupine yet except for on the nature channel! And I don’t think that the first thought that would come to mind upon seeing one would be to think of how “good” it looked. Heck, I might shoot it and eat it first before I mount it to hump it! For them to make a law like that means that I have to watch my neighbors even MORE so because evidently there are some very sick people living around here! I’ve been known to relocate in a heartbeat…….don’t scare me now.

9) I guess WE won’t be seeing too many enthusiastic folks looking to relocate from West Virginia to Utah anytime soon!

10) That explains why those in Washington State who raise animals  have the most laid back pleasant demeanor and a great big smile of satisfaction while puffing on a post orgasmic cigarette as the small animals seem to follow them relentlessly wherever they go!

Okay everybody, it’s your turn! Leave your thoughts below…….

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