The Funny Pages – The Arrogance Of A Killer!

By the time you have read this, Troy Davis would have been executed in Georgia in a case for a murder where there is plenty of reasonable doubt. The worst case scenario as far as I am concerned is to keep him locked up while the case is retried but DO NOT kill the man! Damn! The media seemed to have jumped all over this case at the last minute I guess because it wasn’t as compelling as a white girl who killed her baby.

It’s all about ratings as far as the media is concerned and this is why I believe Casey Anthony is walking about the earth free. She is too much of a money making machine to TOO MANY PEOPLE but for a Black man in Georgia it is a modern day lynching as usual. If anyone knows anything about the deep south ESPECIALLY GEORGIA and the southernmost part of the state, they do not like ANYTHING darker than toothpaste! The same for Florida too! Don’t let the fake/forced smiles fool you. It’s a tradition that goes back to the murderous beginnings of this so called “Christian” nation.

To me, this is a blood sacrifice that many secret societies are now going through their covert rituals as the life force of a Brother is released out into the cosmos…….think not?

This country is based in more satanic rituals than you can shake a square and compass at!

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