The Funny Pages – The First Gay President?

What SOME people won’t do for ratings! What SOME people won’t say when they have absolutely NOTHING to say about the real issues that affect the masses.

Get ready for the ride people, it’s campaign time once again so be prepared for the manipulations begin! But to be truthful, again I will say that I feel that the elections and campaign ups and downs are merely a big distraction to keep the masses from going deeper into what is happening to them in the world as well as what affects them directly.

I also believe that it doesn’t really matter WHO is elected into office, the shadow government and true rulers of these world demonic strongholds called governments and superpowers are really the forces that mold world policy and guide the direction where the world is moving  into.

So enjoy the WWF style manufactured drama and preordained soap opera that the Presidential Election has become! It’s the ULTIMATE Reality Television Show! Pass the remote!

The First Gay President

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