The Funny Pages – The Hustle Is Over!

It’s NEVER a boring moment!

The plot JUST got thicker!

Dang! Now when you think that we are getting to the bottom of the Osama Bin Laden caper since his recent execution, we find out that he resided comfortably less than 1000 feet away from Pakistan’s Premier Military Academy otherwise known unofficially as the Pakistani Westpoint!

How “jacked” up is that?

I mean, he was hiding right up under the noses of the people who should have known he was THAT CLOSE! Come on people! I smell a BIG RAT here! What’s the deal? Pakistan has been receiving 1.5 Billion dollars a year from the United States Of America for Security Programs, and they gladly took it while harboring the World’s Most Wanted  so called Terrorist!

So called?


Because the regular readers of the LanceScurv blog know that I feel that the terrorist that was responsible for the 9-11 attacks resides comfortably in Texas! Guess who?

Well anyway, you can’t TELL me that NO ONE KNEW that Osama Bin Laden was there with all of the available technology that goes far beyond anything that we could purchase at the local Best Buy electronics store! But hey, when you think about it if WE can punch in an address on Google Earth and can pull up a damn near LIVE visual of that particular dwelling, could you imagine what the government can do with THEIR super expensive “science fiction movie-like” gadgetry?

I am just going to kick back, grab the popcorn and enjoy the lies and truths as they unfold, ’cause I’m going to say it like the little kids scream out loud when they are outside playing in the summertime and somebody breaks something or does something bad:

“OOOOooooh! Somebody is going to be in BIG TROUBLE and I’m gonna tell!”


Hope you enjoyed the graphic!

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