The Funny Pages – The Well Guarded Secret Is Finally Revealed To Becoming A Successful Air Traffic Controller!

When I woke up this morning to hear that Hank Krakowski, the guy who was the head of the FAA Air Traffic Organization, was stepping down it made me wonder what does he know to want to even step down?

We all know that traditionally when anyone who holds a top position in any agency that this is a strategic maneuver to avoid the big splatter when the dodo hits the fan! Sure, this is unacceptable for Air Traffic controllers to fall asleep on the job! But you know what?

That type of job is a subculture that is all a separate world all unto itself. Most extreme types of jobs are, especially when you are working lots of hours and have days off that pretty much cut you off from any normal activity at all with your family and loved ones.


If I can recall correctly, many years ago in the mid eighties I attended one of these Air Traffic Controller employment seminars and they were very frank about the conditions that many of the actual Air Traffic Controllers had to endure in the employment duties. Remember, this was before the days of camera phone and videos that could have been secretly uploaded to the now infamous YouTube which didn’t exist at the time.

Don’t quote me verbatim, but I remember during a break stepping over to the gentleman who was the speaker and who was actually a part off the Federal Aviation Administration that had many years as an Air Traffic Controller and he told me face to face that many of the long time Air traffic Controllers had broken marriages, cocaine habits and NO LIFE!
Well needless to say, as young as I was back then, I did NOT want to have such a dismal outlook on my future no matter HOW MUCH money it paid and from what I remember, those guys got PAID WELL!

But at what cost?

Having no life?

And if the truth be told, it’s one thing to be stuck on a fairly well paying job and having no life but it’s an entirely different tragedy when you are stuck on a job, have NO LIFE and don’t even have a clue that you have no life! Let me earn a little less money, have some balance in my life and be able to develop the unique qualities that God has placed in me!

No amount of money in the entire WORLD is worth losing you soul and individuality for!

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FAA official out amid sleeping-on-the-job cases

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