The Funny Pages – What President Obama Didn’t Say!




Now we all know that President Obama didn’t actually say this during his recent speech on the Afghanistan War. But even though he insists that he means what he says as far as his promises are concerned while in office, there are many things that I could bring up to say he has executed a complete turnaround on.

While I am not going to get into those details right now all I will say concerning our President is that at the end of the day he is merely a politician. And with that being said there are things that all politicians must do in order to keep the ball rolling in their favor in the hostile waters of Capitol Hill. No, I am not calling him a liar at all, but he must know how to think on his feet and must always be aware of the perceptions around him as well as in the atmosphere of the entire world.

For those of you who don’t know, perception is everything.

If the truth be told then perception IS reality.

It’s a tough job to handle and there is so much more going on than one can imagine. So when I see him make his speeches we must all understand that sometimes things are not what they seem and we must learn to take things with a grain of salt and read between the lines.

So while he may attempt to infuse the country with a generous dose of some much needed enthusiasm and hope, as any great leader should, realize that there may be more issues to deal with that haven’t surfaced to the top and may actually never have to surface.

Let’s just hope and pray that the unseen factors are brought under subjection and under control. Until then, don’t take my jokes too seriously but at the same time do allow them to stimulate your thoughts to think OUTSIDE of the box! If I am successful in doing that, then my job has been done.



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