The Funny Pages – Why Do Turkeys Love Bank Of America?



Maybe it’s me or maybe I am imagining things…….

First the banks get bailed out, now Bank Of America is charging a five dollar per month (sixty dollars per year!) debit card fee to their loyal customers as though things aren’t bad enough for the common working woman and man in this country.

I suggest that we stop giving these banks our hard earned money and if anything open up an account with your local credit union. Stop these crooks in their tracks! What do they want from us? Enough is enough!

These criminals got bailed out by the government yet working people with a good credit standing find it difficult to even get a loan! Have we forgotten that that’s OUR money that they have to make a profit from yet we get nothing in return?

Here is what I am thinking: The large corporate entities as well as the elite of the governments inner circle know that the last of this economy is being carved out and eventually shut down from an inevitable collapse. They know that the next time that this ailing financial system falls below the near death level that it is close to now, there will be NO TURNING BACK! No jobs, no means to support yourselves, rising frustrations and total mayhem in the streets of America as if it were another downtrodden country that you see on the nightly news!

No! This time it won’t be somewhere else! It will be right here in our own communities! Hungry people will rob not a bank, but will prefer to knock your door down armed to the hilt merely to take what may be stored away in your refrigerator! And I am saying up front that a collapse does not have to take it’s time to happen as it can happen literally overnight!

I just believe that so much of this is manipulated into becoming a dreaded reality so that someone else can have control over us! This thing called paper money really means nothing anymore as we as a community need to come together to learn how to barter our services and live outside of this corporate controlled artificially manipulated economy before it’s too late! It doesn’t hurt to set this thing up while we all still have a little breathing room left!

First of all, I suggest that you remove ALL OF YOUR MONEY from the banks as soon as possible! On November 5, 2011, there will be a mass movement across the land to hit Bank Of America right back in the gut by doing just that on mass! Gone are the days when your local banker knew your name and knew your financial goals on a personal level and was there to do business with you fairly in order to build that particular community and be a crucial part of that neighborhood!

Now it has become a game where the banks have become the enemy and you have to read the fine print because they are no better than a cold heartless leech of an assassin whose only goal is to suck the very life force out of you leaving you unable to live the type of life that you worked so hard to achieve over the years! Drop ’em like a hot potato!

We have to understand that we have more power and control over our lives than the so called “powers that be” want us to realize! They rule us with fear and we have become complacent in doing the things that we need to do to empower and secure the basic amenities that we have sacrificed so much for. Take your face away from the television mind control propaganda box of indoctrination and learn to think for yourself and discover what the truth is in the world FOR yourself!

…….because only a fool and a turkey would love what the Bank Of America is doing to the people with their idiotic debit card fees!

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