The Funny Pages – Why Is It That The Unemployed Party The Hardest At Your Expense On Labor Day?

I just had to say it!

If no one else will say it, you KNOW I will!

But it’s the truth! Why is it that when you work faithfully work your job with no complaints all year, take care of all of your financial obligations in a timely manner, live frugally while denying yourself those many simple pleasures and indulgences then decide that for the Labor Day weekend that you want to cook out in your yard with a few invited guests, there is always the freeloaders who have invited themselves to your premises only to end up having a better time at your place than YOU did?

They make a mess where ever they are in your home, are never dress appropriate for an occasion that they were not even invited to and are the loudest ones there usually making a spectacle of themselves as well as being an embarrassment to you! They go in your refrigerator without your permission, walk all through your home only to find themselves all up in your bedroom for God knows what (Sorry, I got lost, I thought this was the bathroom!) and leave the floor around your toilet bowl very sticky and the bowl well “streaked!”

And after a while if you don’t either throw their unemployed behinds out of the front door they will prance around as though THEY were the ones who provided the amenities that were made possible for your guest by YOU! While it doesn’t matter WHAT time of the year that these do-nothings come out to suck your resources down, for some reason it appears that a Labor Day get together has a special place in their slothful heart as they always make sure to show up and terrorize a well planned well stocked event!

I DARE you to tell me that I am not saying the truth!


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