The Funny Pages – Why Is This Man Smiling?

It seems as though I got a thing for George Bush recently judging from the amount of demeaning graphics that I have done of him within the last few days. But if the truth be told that arrogant egomaniac deserves every bit of it and more!

As a country I realize that there will be times where you will have absolutely no choice BUT to make the call to go to war to defend yourself but to actually start a war with a staged mass murder to get the backing of your citizens who will now give you complete control to run wild in a fake retaliation and then go to the wrong country for many years and many thousands of bodybags later deserves all of the torment he could receive.

So here I go again using my twisted sense of humor to shed light on an issue that many who have profited on it hopes will vanish! Not if I can help it!


Lance Scurv


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