The Funny Pages – Will Smith Confesses Why He Slapped The Kissing Reporter!

You’ve probably heard by now about the reporter in Moscow that actor Will Smith slapped for attempting to kiss him on the mouth. While the press made a big deal about it, in my honest opinion the entire incident was blown out of proportion and it appeared quite staged to me!

But why would he stage such an incident and what would be the motivation to doing so? Well, it has been rumored for years that Will Smith and his lovely wife, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith have an open relationship. If my memory serves me correctly, the have stated this publicly in numerous interviews in front of the camera and in print.

But why should this be any big news when most successful individuals in Hollywood are known to get down with various forms of freakishness to many different degrees. It seems to me that in a sense for one to even make it to the top in “Hollyweird” one would have had to go through some type of “rite of passage” to be put in the position to be a mega star.

Sure, it takes lots of hard work also but why is it that with so much talent in the world the premiere mega stars are always so far and few between? Why am I going on like this and not about the kiss? Well I believe that Will’s incident in slapping the reporter was to offset rumors of his bisexuality in order to hush those same rumors! Most fans who take what is given to them in the media as gospel will go back and point to this staged sham as prove that Will is as straight as they come!

But on the other hand I have to say that whatever Will Smith does in his private life is HIS business and none of mine but since I run this blog and am very outspoken I just wanted to address this after receiving countless requests to speak on it. But I really don’t get into the Hollywood gossip thing so this is not the norm for me.

But think about it, Hollywood is a very powerful and massively influential machine that can actually create the direction of whole entire cultures! and the players involved must be very careful in how they present themselves because at the end of the day, they are the tools that are utilized by this relentless entertainment industry that is driven I feel by Satan himself!

Look at the video clip below and tell me if that love tap even QUALIFIED as being a slap! I bet ol’ Will Smith would try to take my head off with some force if I put my hand on his wife Jada in an inappropriate manner but then again if the rumors of his bisexuality are true then maybe he might not get angry at all and sit back and encourage it! LOL!

…….as you can see I’m full of jokes today! But seriously, what do you think about the incident? Was Will really angry or was this just another photo-op to keep him in the news to promote his upcoming movie and to quell those rumors that just never seem to go away?

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Will Smith On David Letterman


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Lillie Joy @Lillie J (@lilliejoy64)
June 19, 2015 10:37 AM

You are on the money, so much of this is hidden, yet exposed. While most will deny, many like yourself will speak the RAW truth about it. This were totally a PR STUNT to promote. Keep it coming brother. You are real, though funny in doing so, but I love it! ❤

May 24, 2012 6:18 PM

the careers of the mega stars and what they would and would not do to keep that status your correct brother keep keeping it real it was a prop the so called punk azz slap Will still is a man and that character would be in the e.r for contant ringing in his ear….. it was intentionally staged to show hes not been femminized by his duality in his sexual preferance,

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