The Future Of The Political Pedophile Agenda! – Crossing The Line with Talaya & LanceScurv

Our discussion today is focused on a more serious note, today on Crossing The Line Talaya and LanceScurv speak on the growing nation of unseen Pedophiles and what we feel is their hidden long term agenda to get the masses to accept their twisted hellbound satanic desires with sympathy to allow them to eventually have a type of sexual asylum to do whatever they desire with an underage child as they so desire.

We believe that the powerful and deadly media wheels have already started to to turn in order to season the minds of the masses in a way that will soften the shock of what the real purpose is when it finally comes out in several decades into the future. While we risk being called conspiracy theorists or even nutcases, what we are saying is something that has been expressed by many but never really said as boldly in the public.

Wake up people! Evil forces are in the world in record numbers more than ever before and now has political influence just as much as it has in the Catholic Church when it comes to advancement of the Pedophile Agenda!

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