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The Barack Obama campaign has finally released a “Black” political television ad. I say finally because a message to the President’s strongest supporters should have been released long ago.

Many reporters and columnists have mixed feelings about the advertisement. Some say the ad was “dumbed down” compared to other political ads that attempt to address or explain political issues. Others say it is somewhat corny.

I say it seems like the ad is a prime example of the Democratic Party any Negro will do strategy. The “We’ve Got Your Back’ suggestion in the ad is ludicrous! The background music is top fourty-ish and not Black enough, so to speak, or catchy enough to raise the interests of Black voters or non-registered Black citizens.

This is a serious election coming up in November and a comedy type ad will not generate the increased Black voter support that the President needs to secure his reelection.

There are some African Americans affiliated with Obama’s campaign efforts but they appear to be reluctant to or unable to tell the President how to motivate, encourage and inspire Black Americans.

Black people are concerned about government issues just like any of the other ethnic groups in America.

Why couldn’t an ad be produced that talked about plans to address joblessness in the Black community? Why couldn’t an ad be produced about unfair and selective prosecution of Black judicial litigants. Why couldn’t a commercial be released and aired that talked about increased government contract opportunities for Black businesspersons?

Those type ads couldn’t be done because those ads would be unacceptable to the President’s trusted white advisers that historically felt that Black voters could and should be ignored and taken for granted.

White women, Hispanics and many other groups of voters have benefited from the President’s outreach work in their communities. Even gays have raised their voices and demanded that the President change his views on gay issues like same sex marriage in order to get their votes, support and campaign contributions.

But all African Americans get is Amos and Andy type advertising that encourages us to vote for the Black guy that’s a Democrat

You don’t have to take my word for anything you’ve read so far but believe this: The 2012 Presidential race is closer that you could imagine and President Obama will need an extraordinary turnout to be victorious in November!

No disrespect to the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson and others that tell us to vote for the Black guy no matter what. But if those guys can’t get votes for themselves why in hell would you think if you pay them millions of dollars they can generate a landslide of votes for you.

The President’s team can and will get 90% of the Black vote. However, if the total turnout of African American voters is less than 80%, the 90% of votes cast will mean little or nothing.

The Republican Party, the Tea Party, the Super PACs and others trying to defeat President Barack Obama are very organized. They will also try to buy the election by spending more billions than the President will spend.

I applaud the President’s effort to try to make an ad that will appeal to Black voters. But, the advertisements must be Black and speak out strongly on issues of important to African Americans and the ads cannot just be dipped in chocolate as Obama’s white campaign consultants have suggested.

“We’ve Got Your Back” means nothing to me at election time if you have not helped me get a job, get me affordable health, get me government contract opportunities care or save my home after four years in office.

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