The Gantt Report – Be Careful Walking On Political Waters!

One day Jesus told his Disciples to board a boat and cross over to another shore and that he would join them later. The weather was not great and the waves caused the boat trip to turn contrary. After a while, Jesus began to walk on the water toward the boat. One disbelieving follower asked Jesus to allow him to join the Lord in the water. Jesus said “come”. Once the follower began the walk on the water the waves rose again, the follower got scared and began to sink. Jesus, of course, saved him but suggested the Disciple had little faith.

Well, there is a political storm taking place in America right now and the righteous voters have little faith in the politicians.

Yes, many of us have unadulterated faith in Jesus Christ but we don’t trust most of the people in elected office because we are tired of the tricks, the traps, the lies and the false promises made to voters every year there is an election.

Now is the time we will be bombarded with robo calls, direct mail, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and endless emails that say one candidate or one party is better than the other one.

We will be promised our correct votes will result in more jobs, better health care, political compromise, an end to wars, no taxes and so on and so forth.

However, once the elections are over all we have are politicians that care more about getting campaign contributions to get reelected than they care about helping the people or serving their constituents.

People in Congress refuse to work together, refuse to compromise, refuse to cooperate, refuse to adjust, refuse to change and refuse to govern in the best interests of Americans.

It’s easy to cut Medicare or Social Security, but it’s hard to cut Congressional salaries. It’s easy to cut education allocations but it’s hard to cut benefits enjoyed by members of Congress.

We can have all of the hope and faith in elected officials we want to but only the privileged get what they want.

When bankers are promised something by Congress, they get it. When insurance companies are promised something, they get it. When Wall Street campaign contributors are promised something, they get it. When military and defense contractors are promised something, they get it.

All the people get from Congress is a pig in a poke, so to speak!

We don’t get access to Congressmen. We can’t call them. We can’t meet with them. Our letters and emails only get computer generated responses.

Yes, faith in God is good but faith in Washington politicians is risky especially if you need some political assistance or attention to your personal and community needs.

Voters should recognize false political promises when they see them. Only the poor man can feel the brunt of politically caused debt ceilings and economic stress. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. Contact Lucius at

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