The Gantt Report – Bombing Africa Is Dangerous

According to the Good Book, during the last days there will come a time when there will be wars and rumors of wars.

Well, if you listen to Fox News and other sensational broadcasters and writers, several “wars” are taking place right now.

Missiles are being launched in Afghanistan, bullets are being shot in Iraq and bombs were recently dropped in Libya.

I can understand conflicts and confrontations between Christian countries and Muslim countries. Religious differences have been around since the beginnings of organized worship.

What concerns me is what is going on and what might happen when Western countries like the United States, France and Germany attack nations in Africa.

Well, to make a long story short, Africans and Black people around the world of African descent are not in favor of American and European attacks on African soil.

Yes, we support the protection of innocent and unarmed civilians wherever they are but we do not support the arbitrary militarization of hand-picked, questionably chosen “rebels” in foreign lands.

I, for one, and others know the history of governments and corporations in destabilizing countries that have minerals and resources. If you can’t trick the people out of their national assets with missionaries, peace corps and false humanitarianism, the next step is oftentimes finding fake rebels that will take pay checks to instigate a desired skirmish.

I’m concerned about continued involvement by outside parties in Libya because some could look at Libyan bombings as fights between Black and white. Although the leaders of countries like Libya and Egypt are light complexioned, the original inhabitants of both countries were Black as the Blackest African and African Americans.

If civil war breaks out in Libya, that would be bad. A religious conflict may be worse but the most terrible kind of fight that bombing Libya could lead to is a race war!

If Black people around the world ever believed that non-Black countries were ganging up on Libya, an African country. Hell could truly break loose!

A race war is very bloody. Combatants in race wars don’t care who get killed or injured. Women children and babies will all be in harm’s way.

Something doesn’t add up when America can’t pay for pre-school education or pell grants, can’t afford health care for the disabled and needy and can’t afford infrastructure improvements like bullet trains, road repairs and bridge building but can always find money to drop billion dollar bombs on countries that have not hurt one citizen of a westernized nation.

I warn the world, be careful how you involve yourself in Libya and in other African nations. If bombings were all about peace, love and people protection, perhaps soldiers would have been deployed to the Ivory Coast where there is a fierce military battle going on right now but you won’t hear about it in the imperialist press.

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