The Gantt Report -Bureaucrats Gone Wild!

Every state in the United States has a department, division or agency that oversees or regulates designated professions, industries or activities.

However, persons hired to work in those offices have a very short term of employment.

Why? Because most people hired to regulate industries and professions have little training or experience in the job that they were hired to do.

Many of these hires are merely political appointees and when the politicians that hired them are voted out of office, more often than not, persons hired in top regulatory positions are asked to leave too.

If a Republican beats a Democrat, most of the Democrats that were hired by the Democratic politician are quickly fired by the new Republicans.

This up and down, in and out job status is one of the things that make bureaucrats go wild!

Well, what is a citizen to do that was harmed, hurt, damaged or killed by a regulated individual, like a doctor, or a regulated industry, like a casino or a dog track, when the citizen has a legitimate complaint?

The first thing a citizen should do is file a complaint against the victimizing party.

A complaint should be filed even though chances are a complaint by a citizen will be ignored by the regulatory agency. A prior complaint is often necessary before you can file a suit in a court of law.

Why, for instance, are citizen’s complaints about unlawful mortgage activities ignored by State Financial Service agencies? They are ignored because all of the banks and mortgage companies contribute heavily to the campaigns and no candidate will seek to investigate a big campaign contributor.

Blame the banks for America’s economic problems but you also have to blame bank regulators that turned their heads after citizens reported the financial crimes and law violations committed by beast bankers.

Wild bureaucrats have far more meetings about how to make the bureaucracy more comfortable than about how to solve problems and resolve complaints. They want more do-nothing staff members, they want Taj Mahal type offices, they want computer upgrades but they never have time or a desire to respond to a citizen complaint.

If you don’t know, the only way to get a response from a state regulatory agency about a complaint that you have is to have a video and eye witnesses of a violation of law or misuse of trust funds or other monetary matters.

Or, you can complain like hell to your elected representatives. The federal, state and regulatory officials and agencies will ignore you but they seldom ignore politicians because politicians can vote to amend or cut that agency’s budget.

I think people hired to regulate and investigate complaints should be fired if they don’t regulate or investigate!

Lawyers are robbing people but the Bar associations are reluctant to investigate. Doctors are killing people, providing suspicious health care services or committing fraud but the Agency for Health Care Administration won’t even return a complainant’s letter or phone call.

And, people are becoming homeless just because mortgage regulators are told by politicians not to investigate financial complaints.

The investigatory cover up by bureaucrats gone wild is far worse that the regulatory crime, believe that!

Your elected officials must insist that their constituents are treated with courtesy and respect by regulatory agencies and the tax payers that pay the salaries of regulatory agency employees must have their complaints and concerns considered and/or investigated.

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