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A little while after my daughter’s first wedding I asked her how the marriage was going and she said she and her husband abided by “The Golden Rule”.

Of course, you can never really know what goes on in a marriage behind closed doors so she explained her statement further.

“The Golden Rule,” she said, “means whoever brings in the gold rules!”

At that time my daughter had a good job and her first husband did not so without going into details, let’s just say the first husband is history and the second husband can contribute to the household as his wife expects.

Gold is very much in the news today. Commodity gold prices have sky rocketed in recent years and the price of gold is nearing two thousand dollars an ounce.

Gold discussions, oftentimes, can make you a hero or talk of gold can get you killed.

I once heard a story about how a rapper once offered $10,000 to anyone that would bring him another rapper’s gold chain. Well, three guys tried to get the chain in a home invasion but they were all shot when the chain owner defended himself.

That incident was nothing compared to what happened to Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi when Gaddafi suggested that Libya would begin to seek payments for its oil only in gold. Gaddafi was also encouraging other nations in Africa to sell their minerals, resources and commodities for gold.

Not too long afterwards, Gaddafi was killed by insurgents that were armed and financed by the United States and other Western nations that were controlled by international beast bankers.

Today, there is talk about implementing a gold standard in the United States. In terms that Gantt Report readers can understand, the gold standard means linking the value of the dollar to the value of gold and insuring that the amount of gold a country owns limits the amount of money that country can print.

Now, how do you think the Republican Party, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve and the nation’s beast bankers feel about that?

Well, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has advocated a role for gold in monetary policy but he won’t be elected President and beast bankers will never stop their paper money trickeration techniques!

The US once tied the value of the dollar to the price of gold until the gold standard was dismantled by Richard Nixon for good in 1971. But the US effectively ended the gold standard earlier in 1933 when the government decided citizens could no longer redeem the dollars they possessed for gold.

As far as the beast bank trickeration, the recording group “The Last Poets” said it best about 30 or 40 years ago when they said:

“Selfish desires are burning like fires among those who horde the gold as they continue to keep the people asleep and the truth from being told. Racism and greed keep the people in need from getting what’s rightfully theirs. Cheating, stealing and double dealing as they exploit the people’s fears.

Now, Dow Jones owns the people’s homes and all the surrounding land, buying and selling our humble dwellings in the name of the master plan. Paper money is like a bee without honey, with no stinger to back it up and those who stole the people’s gold are definitely corrupt.

Credit cards, Master Charge, legacies of will, real estate, stocks and bonds on coupon paper bills. The US mint on paper prints millions every day and use the eagle as their symbol because it’s a bird of prey!”

If you didn’t know, the dollar is dead. If I had your money, I would buy me some gold!

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