The Gantt Report – Duh! Tax The Rich

Some people say the big political deal these days is the so-called debt ceiling. Another way to describe what federal legislators are looking to debate is how to keep making the rich richer at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

People love to talk disparagingly about the world’s so-called political tyrants. Perhaps the “tyrants” have a better idea on how to generate money for their countries.

When greedy corporations seek to rob and steal from some nations, the military and industrial thieves might face possibilities that their companies could be nationalized.

Nationalization is not a word used too much in America. When auto companies were recently “nationalized” the government was just depicted as a “major stockholder”.

There is only one way that I know to get America out of debt and that is to make the rich contribute more.

The endless talk, about preserving and enlarging tax cuts for the rich, by puppet politicians has destroyed the United States economy.

The majority of Congressional politicians are rich if you define rich as making more than $250,000 a year. Instead of doing what is best for their constituents, politicians have been doing what they can to benefit themselves and their puppeteer campaign contributors.

The industries that do best politically are those that oftentimes contribute the most money to political campaigns. Bankers, insurance companies, trial lawyers, health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, road builders, defense contractors, realtors, telephone and other communication companies all get less regulation and more tax relief than we do.

But I don’t blame the companies. If congress gave me an extraordinary tax break I’d take it too.

I blame the people that lie and say vote for them because they will represent you best when those people really put themselves and their campaign contributors first and put the voters last.

The politicians don’t want to tax the wealthy and the big businesses five percent more. But there are some countries that tax everyone nearly fifty percent.

Guess which countries have more and better government services. Well, some third world countries have almost free health care. Some countries have free education all the way through college. Some country feed their poor and house their homeless.

Could America be in so much debt because America finances wars as the world’s policeman? Does our government waste more than other governments waste. Or, are American political leaders and their friends in crime just more greedy than the leaders of places like Denmark or Holland?

I know you don’t want me to say this but America needs to find a way to redistribute America’s wealth if the country and its political leaders truly want to get out of debt.

There is enough money in America for everybody but only a few get to avoid paying an appropriate share of taxes. This country will always be in debt until taxes are raised and government expenditures are curtailed. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too:Dead Man Writing” and contact Lucius at

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