The Gantt Report – Execute Vick?



A lot has been going on in the world since I’ve been house repairing.

The President’s staff members are leaving the White House just like rats jump off of a sinking ship, sisters have been released from jail after one sister was ordered to donate a kidney to the other sister and a closet klansman given a show on Fox News says a football player should be executed for killing vicious dogs.

According to at least one Fox News pundit star quarterback Michael Vick’s serving a jail sentence, losing hundreds of millions of dollars and becoming the face against dog fighting and animal cruelty is not enough, Vick, he said, should have been executed!

Well, I wonder if my veterinarian should have been executed for offering to “put a dog of mine to sleep” after the dog was injured after being hit by a car. I wonder if football players and football team owners should be executed for killing deer, ducks, moose and other animals?

Obviously not, but what happened on Fox News that is conveniently being pushed to the back ground is the belief by racists that a dog life is far more important than a Black life.

If dogs are ordered to attack and kill Black people all over the world, it is all right but if a Black man kills a dog then the Black man should be executed.

No matter how many times you tell me things have improved, all people are equal and we all have equal opportunities and equal rights, my eyes still see pockets of white separatism, white supremacy and, sorry to say, white racism.

I’m sorry to say that because sometimes good things come out of bad situations.

My friends have been having a ball laughing at me because I told them a recent fire at my house caused me to have a Malcolm X Mecca moment!

I realized that good people come in all colors and the color of a man’s skin has no more significance or meaning than the color of his hair or the color of his eyes.

Even though I hate devils and beasts, I can tell you my white neighbors saved my home and perhaps my life and made it possible for me to continue The Gantt Report.

I went through the fire and didn’t get burned. What didn’t kill me, made me stronger!

Anyway, back to the idea of executing Black people who have paid their debts to society?

I think all released prisoners that have shown remorse should get a second chance at life. I was once jailed for felony assault on a law enforcement officer which could have resulted in me having a visit to death row.

I was never arrested since and became a church going, law abiding citizen.

What so-called newsman Tucker Carlson said about executing Michael Vick was exactly what an evil beast would say.

I say I hope Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles go all the way to the Super Bowl!

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