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“We the business, hundred million dollars, we the business, hundred million dollars”!

If you listen to what your children listen to or listen to rap music yourself, you know the above quote is the hook for the current number one video on BET’s 106 & Park Show entitled “Fire Flame Spitters”.

I would love to have a hundred million dollars. Hell, right about now I would love to have an extra hundred dollars!

Young African Americans love this song but many don’t have a clue about “big money”!

If you change a few words in the lyrics, the song could have easily been sung during slavery days.

You see, devils have always given some African Americans more than they give other African Americans. Right now, a few rappers were given million dollar record deals but the amount of money you were given never described how smart or inventive you were. Recognition and devilish gifts were always given to people of color that agreed to be controlled.

In slavery days, slaves that bowed down, grinned and buck danced, like some rappers do in rap videos, got a used, tattered tuxedo and a top hat! Today the same kinds of guys get million dollar homes and fancy cars.

I wish our young people would learn that a hundred million dollars is desirable for anybody but a hundred million dollars is nothing in the big scheme of world economics and finance.

A hundred million dollars is nothing, so to speak, to Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Price Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. You could say that amount of money is nothing to Oprah Winfrey, Bill Johnson or Sheila Johnson.

A hundred million dollars is even chump change to former billionaire Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak!

I want young people to know that there are ways to make a hundred million dollars a day and rapping isn’t one of the ways! Sell some oil, sell some gold, sell some diamonds. There are plenty of ways to generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now let’s think back. Hummmm? Mike Tyson had a hundred million dollars before. Where is it now?

If you have a hundred million dollars and spend it on over-priced homes, worthless luxury cars, million dollar gold chains, strippers, drugs, baby mamas and greedy lawyers, you won’t have a hundred million dollars for long. Ask Mike Vick how fast the money went from his hundred million dollar football contract he signed before he was incarcerated.

Lastly, the rappers that have a hundred million dollars are controlled by their white benefactors. Can the rappers distribute their music? Can they market their music? Do they own Apple I-tunes or some other vehicle where customers can download their songs? Do they own retail outlets like Sam Goody record stores?

I think not!

Rapping about a hundred million dollars is wonderful but if you are the man that writes the rappers checks I think you have a little more money than chart topping singers and rappers like the female group TLC had. TLC had big hits and went basically broke after a while but Sony Records, Universal, Jive Records and the paymaster, that’s a good word, for the rappers still steal all of the money.

The rappers want to buy a million dollar car. I would love to own a company that makes million dollar cars to sell to them!

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