The Gantt Report – Give Dope Dealers Stimulus Checks

In the 2012 election season, as in some previous years, the biggest candidate lies will be about jobs. Political pretenders will show up in every race and claim if you vote for them they will create thousands, maybe millions, of jobs.

In Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city, it is not unusual to see legislators and local elected officials call and attend news conferences at the Florida Press Center and announce that businesses have come to the Sunshine State with numbers of new jobs.

At a recent press conference, a new company was celebrated that will create ten (10) new jobs.

Well, if all of the tax reductions and tax breaks and stimulus money given to wealthy corporations are only creating about ten jobs at a time. Politicians ought to consider giving economic assistance to one of Florida’s and America’s largest employers.

Why not give drug dealers a stimulus check!

In every state, in every city, in every parish or county and in every legislative district or political precinct and in every neighborhood, you can find an employee of a drug dealer. Any where you go, you can find someone to sell you a sack of drugs.

Any dope dealer that’s making any kind of money has more than ten employees. In addition, some drug kingpins give out free turkeys on Thanksgiving and Christmas like Bumpy Johnson and Frank Lucas did in New York. Other dope dealers are ghetto bankers, and have the only financial businesses in the ‘hood where poor people can borrow money.

Dope dealing is a versatile business that can withstand the twists and turns of American and world economies. Their products can turn from powder cocaine to crack, “red devils” and “yellow jackets” to Oxycontin and Vicodin, they can switch product lines from LSD to Ecstasy.

Let’s be serious, this column is kind of tongue in cheek but I wanted to make fun of the tricks, traps, lies and false promises of people that will be seeking your votes soon.

If politicians want to do something about high levels of Black unemployment, they must do more to embrace and enhance Black community businesses.

Black businesses hire Black workers. How many white barbers are hired to work in Black barbershops or hair salons? Some are but not many. How many white, Chinese or Cuban cooks do you see behind a stove in the local soul food restaurant?e

The political candidates that are sincere and serious about diversity in the workplace will have a diverse campaign staff. If a politician doesn’t want you to work on his campaign, he probably doesn’t want you to work in government.

As far as Blacks that need work, African Americans may have to take a step back to move forward. We must create our own jobs. One way to do that is to return to developing the business that we once had in our communities before we were told the lie that “integration” would be better for us. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store. Express your thoughts about a Gantt report video blog on Facebook or contact Lucius at

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