The Gantt Report – Looks Like A Political TKO

Almost everybody that voted for President Barack Obama in 2008 believed that the President would change things. History has shown that changes have taken place.

However, many of the changes have been for the worse!

No, I haven’t changed my support for Obama but I’m seriously opposed to how he is performing as the leader of the so-called best country in the world.

When I voted for Barack, I thought I was casting my ballot for a political Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson that would fight for what was right.

Instead, it sometimes seems like I got a political Jerry Cooney that has been dipped in chocolate, a Great White Hope!

When it is time to scream about the problems facing most of America’s citizens, the President prefers to whisper. When it’s time to stand up for what the masses believe in, the President wants to sit down and talk. When it is time to fight and battle America’s political devils, the President oftentimes wants to bow down and compromise.


It’s good to talk about jobs but it is better to fight for jobs. It’s good to talk about making the wealthy and rich pay a fairer share of taxes but it’s better to fight for tax reform and tax equity. It’s good to talk about bringing American troops home from deployment on foreign soil but it’s better to fight to end the bombings and invasions on countries that the oil companies and foreign governments want you to bomb.

I never wanted a President that seeks to be a puppet for Wall Street and beast bankers. I never wanted a President that would compromise with Tea Party racists, white supremacists and political separatists.

And, I never wanted a President that would be content rubber stamping everything that his campaign advisors and White House staffers told him to agree with.

Let’s see. I wonder what would have happened if the President agreed to give billions in stimulus dollars to create jobs repairing America’s roads, bridges and infrastructure instead of to devilish bankers that used tax dollars to finance million dollar bonuses?

I wonder what would have happened if the President fought to end America’s role as the world’s policeman, brought the soldiers home and decided to let Iraqi, Afghani, Israeli and other countries fight their own fights and defend their own countries?

I don’t know.

But I do know, the President will have to fight me if he does something like pay for rich folk’s tax cuts by dismantling or destroying Medicare and Social Security!

Medicare and Social Security are not entitlement programs. American people have paid for those benefits just as much as union workers have for their health and retirement benefits.

This love fest that is going on for “compromise” and “working together” to maintain the capitalistic status quo where rich people get everything they want and the poor and middle class get nothing they want has to stop!

If the President thinks that loving to compromise with conservatives and Tea Party pimps will get him reelected, his 2012 reelection bid will not be a Love Hangover it will look like Another Love T-K-O!

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