The Gantt Report – Negro Clowns

Who doesn’t like a clown? Some people say everybody loves a clown and the Ringling Brothers and UniverSoul circus shows have perhaps the best clowns in the world.

But the second best clowns are so-called Negro leaders!

Good clowns are funny and what is funnier than people claiming to lead us with handkerchief heads, hats in hand and boot licking approaches to accomplish modern day Black progress?

I say Negro leaders because “Negro” is an old term that refers to old times. New community leaders pop up all of the time but they come to us in our depressed, oppressed and exploited communities with aged tactics and strategies for Black progress.

When we want to stand up, the Negro leaders want us to sit down or sit-in. When we want to swing, Negro leaders want us to sing. When we want to change government, Negro leaders want us to beg government and embrace political strategies that have historically failed and failed miserably!

In 2012, as in many other years, we will be told that changes in politicians will result in changes in our lives. Government will be better because the politicians will be better, the Negro leaders say.

The Gantt Report says any derivative of the current national, state and local governments is doomed to failure without significant and massive government system overhauls.

Can I prove it? Yes!

At 500 years after slavery days, if people are still protesting government policies by holding hands, swaying back and forth and singing “We Shall Overcome”, it should be clear to a blind person to see that the government has failed you.

Still don’t think Negro leaders are clowns? Why are comedians and pranksters the most sought after pundits on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other news networks when Black philosophers, social scientists and experienced political professionals are never invited to share thoughts about world events?

Clownish Negro leaders are always sought to share opinions because clowns can be controlled.

A clown can be depended upon to come when his or her ringmaster says come,

jump through a hoop when ordered to and to never say anything negative about the political circus.

Negro leaders are called out when it’s time to perform and told to leave when the show is over. They seldom, if ever, stick around until community problems are solved.

Back in the day, the Freedom Riders stuck with it until the job was done. SNCC stayed around until voters were registered and even SCLC keep bus boycotts going until transportation laws were changed.

But today’s clownish Negro leaders, pull up in a limo and give the same speech they give every day, take up a collection, leave the church and take the limo back to the airport all in a matter of hours.

I love a good laugh but I would rather follow a modern-day Marcus, Malcolm, Martin or Mandela than a Bozo the Clown dipped in chocolate!

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