The Gantt Report – Ninety Percent Of What?

Let me be the first one to tell you that President Barack Obama will get 90% of all votes cast by African Americans in the 2012 Presidential election.

The Obama lovers are ecstatic! However, they don’t have a clue about the election process or election history.

Yes, Obama will get 90% but 90% of what?

Well, in a normal election, Black voter turnout can be anywhere from 25% to 45%. I don’t think either of those percentages can insure a Barack Obama reelection victory. I think the President must generate an extraordinary turnout of registered Black voters just as he did four years ago.

I think President Obama cannot be comfortable about his reelection chances unless he can turn out 50, 60, 70 or 80% of America’s registered Black voters, including the hundreds of thousands of Black voters that must be newly registered between today and election day.

So, how can the Black President accomplish an extraordinary voter turnout of his African American supporters?

Well, nowadays you can’t go to Twitter or log onto your Facebook page or check your smart phone emails without seeing a Tweet or

Facebook post about the Obama reelection effort.

But every Black person doesn’t Tweet or have a Facebook account or a $300 smart phone.

The President can run to the Black churches to enlist the help of Preachers and Pastors that would be happy to take a picture with him and ask them to turn out their church members.

But every member of the congregation is not a registered voter and, believe it or not, many of the jack-legged, false prophet preachers in town are not even registered to vote.

You can gather up all of the Tweeters, the posters, the church goers and the I-phone owners and all of those Blacks together would not be able to cast enough votes to insure an Obama reelection.

Obama must get the masses of America’s registered Black voters and progressive voters of all colors and creeds to go to the polls or to cast absentee votes for his reelection.

Well, some Black voters are crack voters. Can Obama get the crackheads to put down their crack pipes and cast a vote?

Can Obama convince the Black voters that had jobs four years ago that it is not his fault that they do not have jobs today?

Can the President convince the people that owned homes four years ago that are homeless today that the Obama “change” is the change that we can believe in, depend on and rely on?

Time will tell!

But let’s take a brief glimpse of what the President has done since he was elected to get reelected in 2012.

The very first thing Obama did was to keep Mr. Axelrod and the President’s other white consultants and a continuous payroll. But the minorities that passed out fliers, put up signs and stood on street corners are gone and possibly unemployed.

The Wall Street stock brokers and beast bankers that contributed so heavily to the Obama campaign got billion dollar tax payer stimulus money to pay themselves million dollar bonuses while to poor and minority bank depositors can’t even dream about avoiding foreclosure with no job or getting a bank to loan them money.

The military industrial complex got the never ending wars that they wanted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and in other places while America’s service men and women come home, if they come back at all, to poverty, joblessness and depression.

We all have eyes but sometimes we see politics so very differently. It seems that most African Americans are saying, “Vote for the Black President no matter what” and others are saying that votes for any politician is a wasted vote and the only way to improve a country, a state, a city or a community is to depend on yourself, endorse yourself and vote for yourself!

Poor Blacks, not the rich and famous Negroes that endorsed Hillary Clinton and others four years ago before they jumped on the Obama bandwagon, the poor Blacks have always supported and voted for Barack Obama.

They like I, will vote for Barack Obama again but will our total votes be 90% of every registered African American voter or will it be 90% of the 25 or 30% that decide to go to the polls?

Will many Black voters skip the elections and stay at home because the President’s high paid consultants and boot-licking colored political lackeys cannot motivate us, energize us and get Black people excited enough to vote?

I don’t know. You tell me! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at your favorite book store and contact Lucius at

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October 17, 2011 2:41 PM

In order for President Obama to get the 90% of black votes, he needs to by-pass the so-call black leadership and go directly to the people. He must put in action The Change he was campaigning about before his was elected. Not one single registered black voter should stay at home and not vote. The republican-teaparty group are a true threat to our rights and survival. They working on abolishing ex-offenders voting rights. I am one of the ones who believe that President Obama has shafted the black community, but I feel it is better to have him as President, then Rick Perry.

Lillie Joy @Lillie J (@lilliejoy64)
Reply to  Charlotte73
June 22, 2015 10:02 AM

Charlotte73, you are exactly right. When Obama first ran for Presidency, he vowed for change, however, we as black people has yet to see change. Though we’ve seen it, but only be the lesser of what he promised. So many blacks are now.inemployed, or under employed. Many has lost homes and jobs. The Obama Care has hurt so many, employees with the outstanding cost it takes to pay for the Health Care Plan. I have heard so many say, “They doesn’t make enough to pay for Obama Care, or they don’t receive enough hours to even qualify for the Health Care plan.” Then, we have the blacks who can’t vote because of Felony Convictions, many of which, can’t vote because of such. While many of other race can be ca;tged with the same crime, yet receives a Misdemeanor Conviction, thus allowing them to be able to cast a vote. We as a whole must find a way to get more blacks to register as voters, so that we as a people can see change, where we won’t have to depend on elected officials for change, with their unseen promises irhear them recant on their promises.We must also, begin to exercise our 1st Amendment Right. ❤

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