The Gantt Report – Obama and Big Things

President Barack Obama rapped the 2011 State of the Union address recently. He didn’t say “big things pop it and little things stop it” but he did say Americans do big things.

The President solidified his standing as one of the best Presidential orators in history in his speech but he also did nothing to damage his image of being politically timid!

President Obama, as always, said a lot of the right things but he said them in the wrong way!

You can’t ask Americans to fight with you for progress, equality and justice if your goal in the fight is to satisfy the enemy!

The President should be fighting just as hard for his improved health care proposals as his political opponents are fighting against it!

If it was easy for the President to bow down and accept tax cut benefits for the wealthy he should be equally as willing to stand up for senior citizens on social security and poor and jobless people on unemployment!

All of the flowery words about working together mean nothing if the richest Americans get everything they want and the most oppressed and exploited Americans get nothing that will benefit them!

The tax cuts for the rich must stop! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must stop!

And, the attacks on universal care for all Americans by the health care cartel and medical mafia must be challenged!

I support President Obama and I think he wants to do the best things for us all but everybody knows that power does not take a step back unless power faces more power.

The President has to stand up, speak out stronger and fight harder for the people that need government help the most.

The richest people in America cast the least votes for Barack Obama in 2008 and his puppy love for Republican proposals will not get him more votes from wealthy voters in 2012.

When love was showed the GOP, the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted unanimously to repeal Obama’s health care proposals. Even the Negro Republican House members voted against the health care initiatives that the Black President worked so hard to get.

When you help snake-like politicians achieve their political goals you can’t be surprised when those same politicians poison your proposals. The snakes are and will always be snakes.

I applaud President Obama for seeking to govern in a civil, non-threatening way but I’m upset that he is reluctant to fight hard for what he, and we, believe in.

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