The Gantt Report – Politicians Start Your Engines

The Florida State Senate and House of Representatives concluded their Legislative Session as they have always done. The majority Republican body did what Democrats do when they are in power.

The voters that elected the GOP power brokers put the Republicans first and the Republicans put the people last!

In the 2011 session, big business and the rich and wealthy made out like a fat rat! They will pay fewer taxes, have fewer regulations and less oversight on plots and schemes designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Now you can prepare your mail box for the flood of political junk mail that will be coming to your homes and offices!

The 2012 election races have now begun.

In an effort to stay in office, Republicans across the country have sought to limit voting opportunities with laws that compromise voter registration, early voting and more.

The United States Constitution has a provision that states if the voting rights of any citizen are denied then the elected representatives of the districts where the citizens have been denied equal voting rights are supposed to be expelled from the Congress.

That provision will never ever be enforced because if it were, satanic legislators would have been expelled a long time ago and there wouldn’t be a political devil in Washington, D.C.!

Meanwhile, what can be done to change the leadership in states and in the nation?

Well, the Democratic Party must discard their losing advisors and political consultants and seek to hire professional consultants that can deliver votes!

Wait a minute. Candidates have always been told that they need money to win races. Dollars are good but “dead presidents” can’t go into a voting booth and cast ballots. The candidates that spend the most money are not always the winning candidates. Winning candidates get more votes!

Locally and nationally, Democrats have been doing a sorry job delivering appropriate political messages. They can’t explain the benefit of health care laws, they can’t explain government stimulus needs and they can’t explain the need for education and environment reforms and improvements.

The Democrats can’t even explain military decisions or job proposals.

The Democrats know people that can communicate their plans for better government but they have instead chosen to work with people that they can control, Democratic puppets, so to speak.

But, Republicans want to keep winning so they hire anybody that can help them win. They hire whites, Blacks, Hispanics, women and they will even hire the most professional Democrats to persuade people to vote Republican.

Democrats, the President excluded, also do a miserable job technically. Democrats never win the absentee vote battles, they never win the direct mail battles and they never win the robo calls, polling, blogging and other battles.

The main thing the party out of power needs to do to get back in power is to motivate and deliver their base supporters in huge voter numbers.

If you are a Democrat, if you don’t hire people that can inspire and turn out Black voters, Democrats are dead in 2012 and they may not even know it! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store and contact Lucius at

Lucius Gantt, President
Box 2071
Tallahassee, Florida 32316

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