The Gantt Report – Prosecutors Are Like Ghosts!

Prosecutors and law enforcement officers oftentimes think like Casper, the so-called friendly ghost!

In the world of ghosts, everything is white! Ghost Hunters are white and Ghostbusters are white or act white.

Have you ever seen or heard of a Black ghost? Have you come in contact with a Hispanic ghost or an Asian ghost?

I think not!

Any time that prosecutors and other law enforcers investigate crimes that involve white and non-white perpetrators or victims, your disposition often depends on the color of your skin.

Lawmen in Tulsa, Oklahoma seem to be reluctant to call the shootings of multiple Black people by white shooters a “hate crime”! Sanford authorities similarly have yet to charge or arrest George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, for a hate crime even though everyone that listened to Zimmerman’s 911 calls that were permeated with racial slurs like the word “coon” knows Zimmerman must have had racial motivations when he shot the Black teenager.

Everybody wants African Americans to obey local, state and federal laws but when those laws are supposed to protect us and help us, our US Constitutional right of equal protection under the law goes right out of the window.

Now, women don’t have problems with cases of alleged sexual harassment or sexual misconduct and gays don’t hesitate to raise hate crime issues whenever someone merely speaks a so-called gay slur. More than a few prominent athletes have been punished and/or fined thousands and thousands of dollars just for saying the F-word in a passion filled moment at a game or sporting event.

But you can say anything you want to a Black person and do anything you want to a Black person.

This recent rash of murders by white shooters of innocent Black men, women and children must be stopped!

In fact, anyone, regardless of skin color, should not shoot another person that has done nothing to deserve any gun violence.

If white supremacists in Sanford, Florida are arming themselves in anticipation of a riot, perhaps Black citizens worldwide should arm themselves in anticipation of a race war!

If whites are going to take a Casper-like attitude that the only good ghosts are white ghosts and the only good people are white people, they should stop and realize that there are more Black people on earth than there are white people!

Comedian Paul Mooney once cracked that, “There are no Black ghosts because if there were, the Blacks murdered during slavery days, during civil rights struggles and those Blacks shot in Tulsa and Sanford would come back and haunt the hell out of America’s closet klansmen and neo-nazis.

Since attacks on Blacks are in fashion once again. I urge all of the readers of The Gantt Report to protect yourself at all times! (“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at

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