The Gantt Report – Rick Scott Is Who We Thought He Was

Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes, they don’t tell the truth!

Paraphrasing the words of former football coach Denny Greene, Florida Governor Rick Scott was who we thought he was!

When someone campaigns to be governor of a state voters often assume the candidates will serve and represent all of the citizens in that state.

Well, Rick Scott turned out to be what many thought he would turn out to be.

Instead of weeping, moaning and gnashing your teeth, African Americans in Florida and across the United States should take a page out of the Rick Scott book.

Before Rick Scott considers helping the masses in the Sunshine State, he is doing everything he can to help health care criminals, tea party bigots and millionaire swindlers.

Any politician that will cut taxes for the most wealthy and cut services for the poor, exploited and oppressed is literally pouring gas on a possible middle class and lower class fire. If politicians take money from all taxpayers but only give benefits to the rich, fiery riots could be a result and when riots happen on downtown streets the rich man’s businesses will suffer the most.

Now, what can Black elected officials learn from Gov. Scott? Well, they can learn to take care of their friends!

This idea of Black elected officials having non-Black staffs and the idea of Black elected officials not spending campaign and office dollars with Black professionals and Black vendors has to stop!

There are enough Black elected officials that could do enough business with Black companies that the spending with Blacks would result in hundreds of ebony millionaires.

But no, some of our elected officials only want to be Black, act Black and spend Black when it is convenient.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look back to the most recent elections. Many so-called Black elected political heroes bit the proverbial political dust and lost races that they had won for years and years before.

They lost because they ignored their base. They lost because they believed the white political ice was colder than the Black ice, so to speak.

Even President Barack Obama has an office that looks like a white suburb, a token Black here and a token Black there with no real diversity.

The President will never believe you as long as he treasures the beliefs and advice of his devilish White House staff.

I’m not mad with Governor Scott. He is exploiting who I thought he would exploit to give as many tax benefits, give as many contracts and give as much service as he can to the cronies he loves.

If Black elected officials from the President to the lowest member on the City Council took care of us like Scott takes care of klansmen we would be all right!

We wouldn’t have to beg the governor for low level appointments and jobs. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. Contact Lucius at

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