The Gantt Report – Symbolism or Money?



Its 2011, a new year and politically speaking, America’s Black citizens are looking for new political answers.

If you take a rudimentary glance at the governmental workings of any ethnic group compared to Blacks and you will see obvious differences in what is desired and what is accomplished by ethnic representatives.

Jews in Congress, state legislatures and in local government commissions or councils demand that interest groups hire Jewish lobbyists, they demand government contracts for Jewish businesses, they rise, stand up and speak out about any issues that would reflect negatively on Jewish culture and historical events like the Holocaust.

Cubans have the same demands for Cubans. Even Haitian elected officials do as much as they can for America’s Haitian residents and communities.

Every racial group in office today other than our representatives realizes that elected officials main tasks are to divide up the money! Nothing is required of elected officials except they must pass appropriation bills that will allocate money to schools, law enforcement, environmental protection, health care and so forth.

OK, while other ethnic groups can point to jobs, contracts, museums, stadiums, highways and things like that, what are our claims to governmental fame?

Black elected officials love to campaign on symbolism!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of health centers and other government entities that were created and funded by government but most office holders are proudest of basically nothing.

Can I prove it? Yes!

You tell me if you’ve heard something like the following, “Vote for me. I voted for a Black holiday. Vote for me, I passed a “Pants on the Ground” bill to arrest Black youth with saggy pants. Vote for me. I passed a bill that will place pictures of Black people acceptable to whites in a corner of the Capitol or in City Hall.”

And, the biggest claim to fame of all is, “Vote for me. I got the name of a street changed”.

Well, it’s no secret, I do have brain damage, but it seems to me. Our community needs services, we need jobs and we need money!

No matter what government calls our neighborhoods we make up our own names anyway. Anybody that has lived in Atlanta more than 40 years knows where Buttermilk Bottom is, or was. Miami natives know where Overtown is. LA residents can tell you where South Central is. We named Auburn Avenue “Sweet Auburn”. We named Tobacco Road.

When Jesus was in the wilderness, Satan offered Jesus the Kingdoms of the world. Jesus didn’t need Kingdoms from Satan. The Kingdoms already belonged to the Father of Jesus! We don’t need modern day devils to do something for us that we can do for ourselves.

We don’t need government to hand pick our community heroes so government can make sure no Muslims, Yorubas, Black Nationalists, freedom fighters or revolutionaries are recognized.

We need the same things from government that other racial and ethnic groups get. We need some of the tax dollars that we pay to government to come back to Black communities in the form of jobs, contracts, better schools, accessible health care programs and the like.

We will trade government symbolism for government money any day of the week.

Instead of fighting for holidays, maybe one day our elected officials will fight for reparations so Black people can get paid for the way we’ve been treated for more than 400 years! (This Black History Month get a copy of Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. Contact Lucius at

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