The Gantt Report – The Al Sharpton/Cornel West Circus Show!

Two wrongs make it worse!

Much has been said, broadcasted and printed about the heated debate between Re. Al Sharpton and Professor Cornell West regarding the performance of President Barack Obama.

On a MSNBC television show, both men raised their voices and sought to convince viewers that their perception of the Obama performance as U.S. President was most correct.

West seemed to suggest that Obama should do more for Black Americans and Sharpton, I believe, wanted to convey that Obama should develop and support policies that benefit all Americans, including Blacks.

First, no disrespect to either gentleman, but someone like me knows why those two were on the network news show in the beginning and it was not because they have the answers to Presidential questions or the solutions to Black success and empowerment.

Both men are hand-picked “news puppets”, so to speak that are rolled out on a regular basis when white news anchors want a predictable discussion.

In the past, I’ve compared guys like these to circus tigers. They have a ferocious roar but the only thing they normally bite is each other. When it’s time for a show, the ringmaster or show hosts calls them and they come running out to perform on TV. They oftentimes talk really loud but like James Brown used to say, they say pretty much nothing.

The predicaments that Black people in America face has less to do with the job performance of the President and more to do with Black America’s lack of money.

And even Stevie Wonder can see that all government “policies” are drawn up and voted on to satisfy the rich few and not the poor, oppressed and exploited masses.

Barack Obama is a President that happens to be Black, not a Black President. And, a mere, rudimentary inspection of his advisers and staff clearly shows why anything Black and nationalistic will never be on his Presidential radar.

Bottom line is this, our so-called leaders can disagree all they want to. They can even cuss, fuss and fight sometimes but circus shows on white news shows is not the way to go. Whenever you take your family squabbles onto the streets, the neighbors will surely say that you are acting uncivilized, perhaps uncouth. Our political disagreements should be kept between us, behind closed doors or at least on Black TV shows and in other forms of Black media.

If I had been part of the discussion that Sharpton and West had I would have told them both to quit being Bozos and clowns on the devils news shows but of course an appearance by me would never happen because the devil can’t control me or pull my strings, so to speak!

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