The Gantt Report – The Florida Fight

There’s a big fight brewing in America and there’s a good chance the frontline of the battle will be in The Sunshine State.

Yes, Democrats and Republicans will wage political war for the next year or so but the bloodiest political battles will take place in African American neighborhoods!

I don’t care where you are when you read this column. Wherever you are there will be Black people fighting over the political crumbs that fall from the devil’s tables!

Florida doesn’t have one statewide leader that is recognized locally or nationally as a political or social force. There is no Al Sharpton, no Jesse Jackson, no Andy Young and no Maxine Waters, so to speak.

What Florida has most voters don’t want. In every Florida county, city and political district, Florida has Black political opportunists.

Right this very moment you have so many Negroes vying for the HNIC job at the state Democratic Party you would need a calculator to tell how many so-called Black political experts there are.

First in line to try to get the job to save the reelection effort of President Barack Obama, who will find it hard to be victorious without winning Florida, are Black elected officials.

Well, a rudimentary look at Florida’s election results will show that many elected officials won their races with a turnout of less than 35% of the registered voters. Democrats will need a higher than 35% turnout to beat back the Tea Party inspired Republican political machine. If you can’t turn out voters in your own race how in the hell can you turn out voters for The President?

While many elected officials are well known in their own communities, how many Black elected officials are known and liked statewide? Some Black voters can’t tell you who their councilmen, commissioners and state and federal representatives are if their lives depended on it.

Got milk? Well, a majority of those seeking to get paid the big political dollars by Party big wigs don’t have the necessary skills to impact a political election. Most political money is spent on media but perpetrators trying to be high paid political consultants don’t have media training, don’t have political media experience, don’t have political contacts and resources and they don’t have the trust of African American and majority media owners, editors, publishers and reporters.

One big difference between Democrats and Republicans is the message. Republicans are good at getting their message out about no taxes, government deficits and the need for military interference, modern day colonialism and imperialism.

On the other hand, Democrats have just as many points to make to voters but are dreadful in explaining healthcare reform, why Medicare shouldn’t be touched, why saving the environment is necessary or why education needs increased funding.

Why hire sun-tanned political mercenaries to generate significant numbers of favorable voters if the people you hire can’t communicate with the Democratic Party’s largest and strongest bloc of voters, Black people?

The best consultants can access and communicate with students, workers, churches, crack heads, gangsters, Hos, tricks, truck drivers and everybody else that can exercise their constitutional right to cast ballots on Election Day.

Instead of repeating past choices that led to defeat after political defeat, the political party that wants to win must get a team of winners!

Get rid of the political charlatans and political puppets and quit spending political campaign contributions with Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemima’s that politicians can control and look to hire political consultants that can deliver voters to the polling places!

Prepare for the time when every politician wants to visit your church, kiss your baby and feed you old stale chicken and fish to get your votes.

But politics is like a war. It doesn’t matter if you are in a Black community in Florida, Georgia, The Virgin Islands or any other US state or territory that has voters…..get ready for the predators!

They will strike when they are least expected!

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May 31, 2011 3:02 PM

That was well spoken but at the end of the day it's still all about 'EDUCATION'. I'm not speaking of the fancy degrees nor of how fat is your bank account. I'm speaking of educating our young people on politics… you know … the generation that will take our place in the political fight. Oh my…oh my! Let's bring the camera in a little closer. You spoke of how many of us don't know who our councilmen, commissioners nor state & federal representatives are, therefore who's teaching the next generation these things? Oh sure our young people can tell you all you want to know about sports, a three year old can sing the rawest rap song out there….so you're right, let's not wait till it's time to kiss the babies & serve the stale chicken….we need to get busy now.

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