The Gantt Report – The President and the Tiger

President Barack Obama and Tiger Woods appear to have something in common.

Recently, their devilish friends turned on them!

To me, no one has benefited more from the Barack Obama presidency than America’s devilish beast bankers!

Congress, with the President’s endorsement and support, made it possible for banks to get billions of tax payer dollars via an ill conceived “stimulus” pay package that enabled bankers to pay themselves huge salaries topped off with incredible monetary bonuses.

You can talk about debt ceilings, credit ratings, home foreclosures and lack of lending to finance job creation all you want to but devilish bankers are in the middle of all of that.

I don’t care who you are, where you live or what bank you put your money in but I’ll bet you that your bank has recently sent you a letter to tell you that your service fees and other bank fees have risen so that banks can rip off bank depositors even more.

Bank customer service is rotten, you can’t get a business or personal loan and you can’t even call your banker without listening to too many voice mails and electronic messages.

Banks don’t have any money, they say, but every politician in the world gets more than their share of campaign contributions from Wall Street and Main Street bankers.

The devilish bankers pose as a friend of the community, pretend to support community efforts and act like true supporters and funders of community projects and events.

But just like the tricky devils they are their biggest concerns are related to how much they desire to be community vampires that suck the money and the life blood out of every town, city and state in America.

After Barack Obama chose to support beast bankers with billions of stimulus dollars instead of using billions to put Americans back to work so that they could save their homes, the bankers turned on the President and beast bankers are now funding politicians and groups set on beating Barack in 2012.

And poor Tiger Woods, his devilish caddie Steve Williams turned on him. As long as Williams was the highest paid caddie in professional golf, he “loved Tiger” but as soon as Tiger got injuries to go along with his personal problems, Williams couldn’t wait to jump ship and run to another golfer.

The devil is still the devil even if satan sometimes looks and acts like he isn’t. When you trust someone that doesn’t like you and only wants to use you to make money or gain fame, more often than not you will come out on the wrong end of the stick.

The President can regulate, even nationalize, his devil but Tiger Woods can’t. Either way, to survive, both men will have to win, win, win to improve their situations. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store and contact Lucius at

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