The Gantt Report – The Usual Suspects

When law enforcers are looking into a suspicious death of a human, or a business, the first suspects police seek to question and investigate are family members. If the case of a business mishap, the employees are often questioned.

When we as individuals or as a racial group are victimized it would behoove us to look at those closest to us, those we have given some measure of trust.

When expenses are exaggerated, when sick and annual leave time is exploited or when money is embezzled at Bank of America, police do not rush to question workers at Wells Fargo or HSBC banks.

When bank money is missing bank employees are questioned.

The same thinking is good for small businesses. Most of the lying, stealing, perpetrating and con games experienced by small businesses are usually done by employees or contractors of the business.

When you hire someone, you assume that the new hire will work for the agreed pay amount. You trust that new employees did not seek a job and take employment in order to steal from the person or company that hired them.

But oh, the days we live in today! We all want a reduction in the unemployment rate. We would like to see jobs for everyone that wants to work.

However, employers must be extra careful. Most new hires will tell you they are honest, dependable, loyal, respectful, appreciative and stuff like that with a smile but smiling faces sometimes don’t tell the truth.

An honest worker will just be honest. Anytime an employee has to constantly tell you to “trust me man” or “I wouldn’t lie to you” that is in fact the time for you to get concerned, put your rabbit ears up and protect yourself and your business at all times!
God has protected me and my All World companies so far from crooks and thieves. No, God didn’t talk to me and give me a list of white collar criminals but God will send his children a sign.

When your instincts tell you an employee is lying to you or stealing from you to pad their own pockets at your expense listen to and trust our instincts.

If you want to know how your new hires will perform on your job, it is important to see how they performed on previous jobs. History is the best teacher.

A person that can’t get to work on time will never get to work on time. A person that is a womanizer away from the office will be a womanized in the office or in the factory. Workers that loved to gossip and create office drama in their last position will be dramatic when they work for you. A worker that stole on his last job may steal from you.

The good thing is that there are far more good workers than bad workers. My only advice to employers is to protect yourself and your company at all times. You will never have to wonder. Time will soon tell a good employee from a bad one.
In employment and life situations, the usual suspects are the usual suspects! (Become a fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook. Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and contact Lucius at

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