The Gantt Report – When Girlfriends Become Boyfriends

Ladies, if you’ve met a man that you like and feel you’re falling in love to the extent you’re considering marriage or a committed relationship stay away from the haters!

Who are the haters? The haters are your home girls, sisters, sorors and other females that can’t get a man, don’t want a man and don’t want you to have a man!

I hate it when women feel they need to be clock blockers, if you know what I mean.

I tell women all of the time that people that you think would be glad when you find your soul mate in most cases, are not happy at all!

Think about it. Many of your single female friends want to club hop with you, party with you, shop with you, gossip with you, travel with you, drink and get high with you, eat with you and be with you!

When you choose to spend more time with your soul mate and less time with them it is like a death in the family. Instead of being happy for you they become sad and some of your so-called girlfriends get mad.

Don’t take my word for it. Tell your girls you’re considering moving out of town to be with the man you love and the man that loves you and the hate will start flowing like a river.

The haters will say, “You don’t know that man well enough”, “All men are dogs” or “He looks like a thug, a smoker, or a pimp”.

When nothing else will work, the so-called hater HOE’s will swear “that man is broke”!

Yes, your girlfriends don’t want you and your man to have a good relationship because they ARE your “man”! Girlfriends become boyfriends when they get jealous of your new relationships.

Those kinds of women love their girlfriends more than they love their ex-husbands and baby-daddys.

With you running off to relationship heaven with your knight in shining armor, who will keep the children when the girlfriend wants to go out and get drunk? Whose clothes can the girlfriend borrow if they can’t borrow yours? Who’s going to give them a ride if you ride with your boyfriend?

If you think breaking up with your husband or boyfriend is bad just tell your girlfriends that you don’t have a lot of time to spend with them anymore.

Hell has no fury like a scorned woman especially if the woman is scorned by another female! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” anywhere books and e-books are sold.

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