The Gantt Report – White Collar Crime In Black Neighborhoods

It’s good to see other journalists and news media outlets calling America’s financial companies “Beast bankers”. The Gantt Report oftentimes pens words and phrases that have been heard in the ‘hood for a while but is picked up later by the imperialist press.

Anyway, the aforementioned beast bankers are in hot water with judges in Florida, The Florida Supreme Court is considering whether to punish beast bankers for submitting fraudulent documents in Sunshine State foreclosure cases.

One case under consideration was “a case of an intentionally fraudulent document fabricated to use in a court proceeding,” says former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey, author of the book Foreclosures in Florida.

If the Supreme Court rules against the banks, “a broad universe of mortgages could be rendered unenforceable,” Coffey says. “The cost to the financial industry is difficult to estimate, but it could be substantial.”

At the center of false foreclosure documents are people that sign thousands of documents with signatures that are not theirs or documents that contain statements that the signers never heard and did not personally make. These forgers have been labeled as “robo-signers”.

Guess what, a significant number of robo-signers were Black. Yes, African Americans knowingly conspired with beast bankers to try to foreclose on homes that the banks didn’t hold a note too nor had any idea of who owns the mortgages on the foreclosed homes.

I know the economy is bad and jobs are hard to come by but this idea of hurting others to keep a minimum wage job is unacceptable!

Four hundred years ago we were sold. Today we are just sold out!

Financial conspiracy is not the only way that Blacks and others rip off African Americans.

If you file a job discrimination suit, it won’t be hard for your employer to find a Negro employee to testify against you in court. If you have a criminal case, it won’t be hard for prosecutors to find someone to make up a lying story about how guilty you are.

Even if everyone has his or her so-called “price”, no Black man, or any other man, should be sold out for rice and peas.

We must wake up and call out Negroes that sell out Black Americans for crumbs from the government and private tables.

It has been said that American Indians hated their pale faced enemies but they hated the “Indian scout” that worked for their enemy far more.

Black people that use lies and fraud to incarcerate innocent people or to take homes from Black families are not only criminals; they are traitors to their race!

The worst kind of “white collar” crime in Black neighborhoods is the crime that occurs in the Black church.

More than one mega church and mega preacher has been associated with Ponzi schemes disguised as “Christian Financial Investments”.

Creflo Dollar

Church goers are being robbed every Sunday somewhere in the United States by crooks that are endorsed by so-called messengers of God.

But this kind of white collar crime in Black neighborhoods can be easily stopped.

Just do this: Put your faith and belief in God and not in devilish, money hungry preachers that will let anybody into the pulpit that will give the preacher a kick back on all money stolen from the congregation. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store and contact Lucius at All World Consultants)

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