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I have a couple of married friends that enjoy sending me email messages with pictures of women with large puppies and big assets.

I appreciate all women of almost any size and figure but I must say my woman of choice is a “smart” woman, both learned and street smart, regardless of how much junk is in her trunk, so to speak.

For my brothers that indulge in booty worship, there is nothing wrong enjoying sexy, sensual photos. However, the Serena Williams, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce and others with the shapely behinds do not have the assets that appeal to me the most.

I prefer the Warren Buffet assets, the Bill Gates assets, the Saudi Price Abdullah assets or the Mexican Carlos Slim assets.

I like what the pimps like. Pimps don’t want big thighs and pretty legs. Pimps want money!

Black people in America and around the world don’t have any, or many, problems that money can’t solve.

For over 400 years, we have been begging people in power to help us, finance us, lend to us, speak for us and to patronize us.

Now is the time to develop and enhance our own assets!

We must become more business-like and generate more revenue for us and our communities.

Stop thinking that we can’t do anything without our exploiter’s approval, we can’t say anything without our oppressors permission and we can’t make money without our tormentor’s blessings!

We did for ourselves before and we can do for ourselves again. We once had a variety of thriving Black businesses like restaurants, hotels, farms and factories. What is stopping us from trading with each other, buying from each other, helping each other and protecting each other from sliding back into economic slavery?

Well, the main reason, I think, for our lack of entrepreneurial activity is the stranglehold beast bankers have on our limited access to capital. We can’t get a mortgage loan, we can’t get a business loan and we surely can’t get a signature loan!

But, together we can survive!

There is nothing wrong with starting small and working our way to the top. If you can’t start a newspaper, start with a newsletter and work your way up. If you can’t start a bakery, bake some cakes to sell in your kitchen. If you can’t finance a landscaping business, cut your neighbors lawns save your income and then start to landscape.

When it comes to the assets I like, I guess I can say it like Sir Mix-a-Lot: I like big bucks and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny. Some guys just think about smashing but I’m always thinking about cashing. Smart girls, I wanna get “wit cha” because together we can get richer!

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