The Gift Of Discernment: Intuition Is The Vision Of The Third Eye!

The Gift of Discernment was something that my Mother always told me that I had in abundance from a very young age.

I’ve learned over the years that you will be demonized by those who have ulterior motives in your various inner circles because they will feel your vibration and be very uncomfortable in your presence.

These master manipulators already know that you can read them like a cheap novel because even they are very proficient in navigating the spiritual airwaves in order to get what they want.

Possessing the Gift of Discernment can be quite challenging when one lacks the maturity to handle what is revealed without retaliating immediately as opposed to taking ones time in dealing with the unpleasant data that one has attained.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to trust in my gut feeling or first mind, which is really that powerful Gift of Discernment kicking in. Many of us refuse to acknowledge what the gift of Discernment is revealing to us as we stick our heads in the sands of denial out of fear but after a time you’ve got to know that it is an advantage and protection over the dark forces in this earthly realm.

I’ve found that my Gift increases after spending time alone in meditation to connect with that inner God voice that has never led me wrong. But you cannot hope to move about the earth with a full charge of Discernment if you insist on keeping company with those who do not seek spiritual ascension.

You only reduce the potency of your Third Eye when you allow the carnal minded to drain your spiritual strengths by remaining in their company. You will never be able to hear the divine frequencies fully when in their misleading and distraction of a toxic presence.

If you pray for a more powerful Third Eye you’re also going to have to desire a heightened level of maturity to go along with it because what you’ll receive from the Gift can be quite unsettling if you are not undergirded with a matured mind.

In the several circles that I happen to be in, my Gift has enlightened me to the individuals who are jockeying to place themselves in the position to benefit and profit off of the Life Force of my Wife and I in a very devious manner. You have to watch anyone who finds themselves into your inner space very swiftly as well as the others in that same circle in a very politically correct manner without having anything of a tangible value to bring to the table themselves.

Here is a key bit of advice that will help you to identify and rid your life of these deceptive entities who would truly have no time for you if they had nothing to gain from you.

These people will not only charm their way into your good graces but will also swiftly find themselves very close to the people in your inner circle faster because of their feigned proximity and friendship to you.

Everyone gives them a pass into the inner sanctum santorum because it appears that you are so close to them. Once they have gained the trust of those in your inner circles, they will slowly back off from you because they are now “in” beyond your reach.

You’ve noticed that they are now communicating with those in your circle in a very secretive manner. Where you would once communicate with everyone in an open and transparent manner, this entity has the direct hotline to every individual and you are finding that you are the last to know about any major events, dialogues and transactions which causes you to know how much of a power play that this is. You have been strategically shut out from being alerted to anything your circle discusses and will oftentimes write it off as being overly sensitive to eventually understand that it is by design.

You were nothing more than the pole that helped us them to get over the hurdle of unfamiliarity the way a pole vaulter uses the pole to gain the momentum and clearance needed to clear the hurdle. Once you the pole serves its purpose you are no longer needed and will be discarded when you purpose is served.

They will now yield great influence over your inner circle because of their seductive tactics that have positioned them deep into their psyches like a wasps stinger is embedded into the victim long after they are stung and the wasp is gone. They now freely command an authority over your long time comrades who no longer look to you for counsel for any important matter as though you were ever of any influence at all!

The deceptive one knows that you are aware of this credibility transfer and know that you are in a bind because any whisper of their deception to the others comes off as jealousy and makes them appear to be more genuine because of your sour grapes!

Your pointing out and sharing what your Third Eye has revealed to you about them only strengthens their stronghold on your group and also makes you appear to possess the envy that the the deceptive one had all along for you and has masked so well.

The solution? Well you must never mention a word to what your Third Eye has revealed to you about the power grab of this person. The only way to make them reveal themselves is to pull away slightly from that particular inner circle that they have infested to move on with independent plans of your own.

You must understand that while no one sees that the deceptive one brings absolutely no Life Force to the table, they in their mind MUST commandeer your hard earned resources whether it’s your finances and will, land or house. Their entire game is to usurp those resources and they will stop at nothing to get it. They will appeal to the weakness of your group, family or in-laws to win a long term race that is not even worth putting in the time and energy to win.

So by pulling out of a race that only they are participating in will only frustrate them more because your assumed investment into the prize that they eyed only reduces the value of what they eventually want to call their own.

To indulge in a war with such a manipulative entity is not worth the long term investment of energy as the countless battles required to win the war is simply not a cost effective way to invest your Life Force.

Your Gift Of Discernment is not always there to save everyone even though we may desire to use it for a communal benefit, it is there to protect you personally as the others around you may have shunned the practices of meditation and submission to the divine laws that will keep the vision of your Third Eye sharp.

The family, group or coworkers will simply have to find out for themselves on about the toxic entity that has wormed their way into their circle while your personal Gift Of Discernment will carry you though any storms that are coming to disrupt those unsuspecting lives that has welcomed that peer hungry spirit of greed and deception with open arms right through the front door of their lives without question.

Never let on to anyone that you understand the specific dynamics of the power plays that are going on around you. Simply laugh, converse and get along with all involved while you protect your Life Force and assets away from the relentless and greedy hands of those who’ve appeared only to kill and destroy a righteous inner circle that existed just fine before they arrived. Intuition is the Vision of the Third Eye and Self Preservation is Key in EVERY SITUATION IN THIS LIFE!

…….never forget that!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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