The ‘Hood Mentality Is A Contagiously Transferable Commodity Grafted From The Deadly Imagination Of A Twisted Oppressor!

Let me ask you a question.
Is the ‘hood a real place?
Most will say “of COURSE it is!” Very few will disagree with that at all.But you know what?
I say to all of those people that they have been duped! Fooled! Hoodwinked! Why?Well I believe the ‘hood is an illusion that we who live there are all made to believe is a real place that in actuality doesn’t really exist! That’s right! I said it and I am NOT afraid to do so!
Okay let me ask you this – what is the difference between the affluent rich side of town and the so called cut throat every man for himself it’s all about survival poor neighborhood called ‘hood?Not one thing except the way they look and the amount of available money that is there for te people but other than that it is exactly the same!The rich and the poor all have dreams an aspirations. Many of the poor yearn to live like the rich on a material level and some of the rich yearn to have the love and camaraderie of the poor.

Please make a note that not all of the poor are living in harmony. The lack of funds to satisfy the most basic of needs can turn friends into enemies real quick!

These are general statements because I know some people that live in the ‘hood who want know part of any of the toys of the rich as they feel that it would blur and distract their spiritual life and therefore put them on an express route straight to hell.

On the same token there are countless people who are affluent, have money and live on the rich side of town and are hard working principled people who have achieved their status honestly, painstakingly and have never exploited anyone to get where they are

After enduring the countless travesties in their lives, he poor have soul and the poor have strength. Some of the rich have the material goods but they lack the ability to enjoy them completely due to the guilt of those who have exploited the poor to achieve them.

Both sides are dealing with many of the same issues but the rich have the resources to make all appear fair seeming while the poor have nothing to cover their shortcomings except to bare them for the world to see.

The rich look on as though they are not connected to the plight of the poor even though they too go through or are going through some of the same changes.

So while we as poor folks have each other to confide in as we try to find a way to rub two nickels together, the affluent must pay out big time to the shrinks who are merely high priced ears from which the rich lay their burdens down.

But rich or poor, we all go through the same things.

If we understood this then we might one day stop internalizing the ‘hood mentality and know that God made us better and bigger to be classified as the downtrodden of this world. Even if you never accumulate the funds of the affluent, you have every right to walk just as tall on any part of your Creator’s big green earth as though you own it because you do through the divine lineage of your omnipotent Father!

It’s a crime that this world has been chopped up, labeled, separated and segregated in order to make it seem as though one part is better than the other when in actuality the unseen negative forces of this world move about freely to seek out, devour and kill anyone who they can catch in their wicked grasp!

Yet we are so caught up in either keeping the “undesirables” out or getting enough money one day to leave the “bad” part of the city to move into the “good” part of the town!

Yet no matter where you live, it is impossible to distinguish between the soil of one area to the soil of the other. The same air that flows through the ‘hood is the same air that the people in the rich side of town breath! When it rains, the rain drops where ever it needs to go and never asks the homeowners association in the rich side of town for permission to fall! The sun shines down on all people yet we seem to be unable to shine down divine love across the land on each other! How childish we are! Is it really all about an area code?

So to YOU who live in the so-called ‘hood, release those mental chains of bondage and stop labeling yourself as one who is attached to such a narrow mindset when you were made to conquer the WORLD! And YOU who live in the affluent side of town, know that you are now better than those who live in the so-called ‘hood because you have merely been blessed to be in the enviable position of having a little more than most. But can you tell me that what you have can purchase just a few more days on this earth when God declares your time over? If not then you need to realize that we ALL must answer to the same God and hell is NOT divided up in the manner that we utilize on this earth because it is one big fiery pit with people from ALL area codes there suffering for an eternity!



The ‘hood mentality is an oppressive mentality artificially created to keep people there to fuel the economies of the affluent. The ‘hoods are like “ghetto plantations” where those who live there are told that they are free but because of the financial limitations endured, how far can they really go? How far can you go when you are thinking of survival everyday and unable to truly go after your dreams? A hungry belly ALWAYS takes priority over the dreams and aspirations that have constantly snuffed by the daily struggle of fending off hunger and trying to keep a roof over one’s head. Many of us hold on dearly to those dreams as they begin to either fade into oblivion or become something that we do “next year”…….a year that never seems to come while those in the affluent side of town are living it all right now!

But know that in all of your struggles that the principles of God are always there and are waiting for you to activate them in order to make your personal walk a thing that will baffle even the most proficient of statisticians! You can and will make it if you look past all of the obvious negative reminders around you and focus on that not too distant reality that your Heavenly Father has for you in abundance.

But it takes a lot more than merely going to a church service where a pimp preacher can temporarily boost you up from the doldrums of life in the ‘hood just enough to fleece you of the little survival money that you have after a orgasmic bout of paralyzing nirvana only to find yourself back at square one with not even enough food left in your kitchen to feed the roaches.
…….and you know that it’s bad when the roaches abandon you!
But what it takes is a strong resolve and determination from within that is relentless to stop the negative momentum of ‘hood living enough to make some leeway toward a new rhythm! A rhythm that is just beyond the bleak world that you see reinforced on the billboards advertising Malt Liquor and the images of our women as play things for sex. You must look beyond this mass brainwashing and know that you are made by God and therefore made by the best!
You are NOT a nigga, you are NOT a bitch, you are NOT merely some job’s unacknowledged workhorse, never to see a day when YOU can make money at will and travel the world that God made for you! You all are better than this but the way is NOT to hate anyone or bring bodily harm to those who have what you don’t have. The way to revolution in your life is to detoxify yourself off of the lusts that keep you down that benefit others from your addictions to them!
You are exploited by your addictions. You are held captive by your addictions. And you oppressor knows that you damn sure well want to escape the pain of not being all that you can be! You have been beat down by life and KNOW that something better is out there for you but you just don’t know what it may be. what a tragedy indeed. Like being between a rock and a hard place. This makes it so much easier to reach for the crack pipe, the liquor bottle, the gun to stick someone up. e frustration drives you wild and turns you into something that you know that you are not but those black eyes that your woman tries so desperately to hide behind those shades tell a different story. No excuse man.
Fight those weaknesses within you and STAND UP to declare that a new day is here! Stand up! Even if it is on weakened legs! Even if you fall down! It’s okay to fall down but GET BACK UP! Show me what you are made of because I am showing you right now what I am made of because I had to come through hell and HIGH water to be able to sit here and write these words to you after working two jobs in the midnight hour! I refuse to let the oppressors of this world make me leave out of here without a story to tell and a legacy to leave behind that will inspire untold millions to know that they too can make a change!
But the change must first begin in your mind and as you awaken to that new day KNOW that YOU are writing a new chapter in your life and that YOU are the representative of all who have influenced you and passed on out of this world so it is on YOU to validate THEIR existence! Don’t let them down! You are THEIR living champion! Do not let a devil oppress you into subservience and mediocrity! Dare to be great and God will applaud you as He parts your Red Seas to open up a way where there seemed like there was none.
The ‘hood? What ‘hood? The only ‘hood that exists is the ‘hood of faithlessness and self doubt that has covered your dome from the day you were born.
Change your thinking and that ‘hood will disappear immediately! Spread the word!

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