The Inevitable Collapse Of A Hollowed Heart

It’s a scene that really doesn’t raise any eyebrows at first glance. It’s just like any other busy street in the rumble and tumble of big city life.

The noise.

The movement.

The seemingly endless sea of peoples faces that possess the full range of emotions from anger, disdain, and exhaustion all the through to outright bliss, overwhelming hope and immeasurable energy!

Such is the folly of living in the midst of millions. For a storyteller like me it is one of the most valuable assets that one can have as a palette from which to paint the many tales that I have been blessed and privy to experiencing in my now almost half a century of life on this planet.

But no matter where you’ve gained your life experience, whether it be the big city or a small country farming town, right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong.

Certain truths are universal, transcending race, color, creed, lifestyle preferences as well as status and pedigree, when it comes to the ultra sensitive matters of the heart.

This is a fact that many unfortunately must find out the hard way.

But back to the busy scene of that inner city urban example of mid-afternoon madness, we see a dapper young man who is actually much older than he looks, kissing who appears to be a love interest passionately on the mouth in his double parked car before she exits the vehicle dreamy eyed and glowing as though they had spent that afternoon together in the throes of romantic sensual bliss. It was quite obvious that this was the case, even if it didn’t exactly go down like this.

Their brief exchange of physical affection for the most part went unnoticed amidst the turmoil that a downtown area of any city can bring. Nothing unusual. Just two lovers saddened by their temporary parting due to their prior obligations and responsibility until next time.

Next time?

As our dapper Romeo heads on home he makes it there at the same time he usually does when he doesn’t stop for a romantic interlude. He notices that when he enters through the front door of his beautiful home with the meticulously manicured lawn laced with the exotic flower pots that almost always bring the neighborhood sightseers down to a slow creep in their vehicles, he notices that he smells the fragrance of his favorite gumbo dish. It’s not the cooking of the next door neighbors, nor is it a figment of his imagination, it’s the well prepared presentation of an extravagant meal made with the loving care of a committed and very much dedicated wife to whom takes pleasure in serving her man…….


Didn’t our Dapper Don just leave the presence of his special lady? Well, you tell me! Because I can’t answer that for you, you have to ask HIM who is the number one lady in his life because evidently it’s not only one person occupying that spot!

After he is greeted with a warm embrace, a deep kiss and a gaze that promises an evening of the most intense pleasures shared between a man and his wife, he sits down like the king he feels his wife thinks he is to a meal fit for a V.I.P! He has absolutely no problem receiving this treatment because of course he thinks so highly of himself that he knows that he is entitled to the best that life has to offer. He feels the perky C cup breasts of his very aroused wife pressed up against his well muscled back through her sheer lace teddy as he is treated to a relaxing neck massage while he devours his first delicious bite of a meal that no restaurant within a thousand mile radius of his spotless castle could duplicate.

His I-phone vibrates constantly like a half dead horsefly laying prone and buzzing in the window sill after being swatted to the point of near death. She never questions why his phone goes off so much during the day and all through the night even after recently changing his number, he thinks to himself how good he has life as he takes the phone off of vibrate because of the loving messages sent to him by his girlfriend who truly believes that she is the next Mrs. one day soon…….

Little does she know.

As he chews his food down and as his wife excuses herself to the restroom momentarily, he actually does peek down into his phone only to see that out of the fifteen messages received within the last ten minutes, only three where from his girlfriend to whom he left about an hour ago and the others are from twelve different women who he is also “talking” to…….

Yes, he is the epitome of two (plus twelve others) timing DOG who doesn’t know what he has…….

After he wisely turns his phone “off”, he hears his wife’s footsteps walking softly across the porcelain tile floor. She swiftly clears the table for him as she catches him stealing a glance at the backside that still brings the traffic at the mall to a dead stop and tests the commitment of most men who fight hard not to also steal a glance at such a wonderfully sculpted and fully endowed backside.

If this is the case then why is he doing what he is doing all up and down around town?

This is a question for the ages.

And we often wonder why so many men end up killed or get their penises caught off, then we want to call the woman who did it crazy!

Anyway, after feigning a stomach ache in order to not be put in a position to perform sexually when in actuality he can’t because of his earlier marathon sex session that one woman out of the harem of thirteen booty calls, she settles for the oral release that he gives her before dozing off to an intensely deep slumber that disconnects all of her senses from the outside world. He lays there spent not from his wife, but the insatiable non stop freakish play of his always horny girlfriend. He can’t believe that he has swallowed the juices of two different women within a two hour span, and the funny part about this realization is that the feeling of guilt has never entered his heart or crossed his mind. He is as cold as a premeditated murderer and is officially an assassin of the heart.

Flash forward to the next day. The same young lady to whom he “enjoyed” his afternoon rendezvous with the day before shows up at his job a few minutes before his lunch break not to intrude on his workday, but to inquire if he might have twenty minutes to spare out of his lunch hour for a quick sensual “treat.” He agrees to experience the surprise as he meets her out front and jumps into her car as she drive off with “her man” to find an “off the beaten path” spot to bless him with the unexpected sensations that her King deserves. Behind the darkly tinted windows not one of the people passing by notice the slow glorious descent of this sexy woman’s head disappearing down into his lap. She has only sixteen more minutes left to “take him there” before he must return to his job…….

After a drowsy (And why wouldn’t he be?) afternoon dragging through work he decides that he can’t even wait for the last fifteen minutes to pass by before he is allowed to clock out. He wants to go NOW! “Hell! The big boss ain’t here” he says to himself as he discreetly clocks out and dips out of the back door to run right into yet ANOTHER grinning woman with love on her mind who complains to him that it seems that he has been avoiding her in the last few weeks. He doesn’t want to be bothered but he once again takes this woman to his car and does the SAME thing to her that he did to his wife just the day earlier. He stresses that he must go home to meet up with the cable guy and she states that she understands as she is happy to have gotten that very satisfying stress reliever. They kiss deeply for what seems like an eternity but she eventually gets out of the car, but as he drives off he wonders to himself just WHEN will his number come up to get caught up in some drama, but this game is just too thrilling for him to stop…….

He once again pulls up in his driveway but for some reason he feels a rush of adrenalin from within like no other. Almost like a scared feeling. He tries to quell this feeling and he tells himself that he needs to stop all of this womanizing because it is going to get him into some deep water one day soon. Before he gets out he really looks at that beautiful house that he has that he and his wife almost have paid for with the hard work that they BOTH have put in over the years.

“I shouldn’t be doing this” he thinks to himself.

“I’ve got too much to lose and I really have been blessed in this life!”

The garage door closes down behind him and he notices something a little different as he exits his car. He usually parks outside and enters the house through the front door so maybe his wife has done a little house cleaning he thinks.

After all, she IS a clean freak…….

As he pushes open the door from the garage into the washroom, he is greeted by a sight that he could not have ever imagined in a thousand years.


Who did this? Was it burglarized? Where is his wife? She is usually home before him from her job! Is there someone still lurking inside? And why didn’t the alarm company contact him?

He is numb, frozen and confused. His fear was that this day would come too soon one day.

………because every indication that hits his senses is that his home was NOT violated by a stranger, but by the very one who graciously cooked him that beautiful meal the day before and who has treated him like a king and gave him the “Bottom Bitch” love that very few men in this world ever experience. As he fights back tears and is overtaken by the echo that sounds with his every footstep that he hasn’t heard since he and his wife walked through this home after it was built eighteen years ago, he notices a neatly stapled envelope on the floor where his extravagant bedroom set once sat…….

He knew exactly what is was and was a bit hesitant on picking it up but he had to solve the mystery that riddled his brain for what seem like forever even though this shock has flooded his senses for only the last five minutes of his life.

Judging by the amount of notepaper, he thought there was a book written on it especially since every piece of furniture and sign of life has been removed from their premises, she HAD to be angry and really upset!

It was short and sweet, it read as follows:

“I’ve always known about “your need” to play around for a very long time. I tried to love you and hoped that you would come to your senses and realized what you had at home. I have even risked my life by still allowing you to use my body for your pleasure as you wished.

It hurt so bad for so long and it took a big part of me away that I could never replace. I am okay now, because while you were out there doing your thing, I was making my strategy for this day and going through the necessary therapy to get me into a healthy space and a happy place in my life independently of the fraudulent and useless facade of a marriage that suited your double life quite well.

You killed me slowly.

I loved you more than the logic that was preached to me by my girlfriends and went beyond what most would have endured. Still, you never understood what you had. Please do not ever attempt to contact me in this life and do know that every account has been drained down to the penny and this house will be up for sale with the profits to be split between us.

This deal has been in the works for weeks and will be finalized this afternoon probably by the time you read this.

If you can remember, we both signed documents that gave each other the power to sell the property without the approval or signature of the other. You thought that would be a good thing in case of sickness to cut down on the paperwork or legalities involved but I thought it was a great idea because even from way back then I suspected that you may have not sewn all of your wild oats.

Did I have a reason to think this?


But I knew that by being married to such a successful, smart, handsome and muscular Black man who seems to have the Mida’s touch in every endeavor that he indulges in, that you would be the prime target of the women out here who would want you all for themselves. Since my suspicions were confirmed two years ago I knew that I had to take action to protect the investment of my time in you.

Evidently you’ve thought so much of those outside “play things” that you never thought that you were depriving me of the time you should have been investing in me. Remember how good I treated you yesterday? I want you to remember that for the rest of your life because now that I have all of our life earnings in my bank account that you can’t touch, let’s see how attractive you are to your beloved sperm receptacles that don’t even know that they are merely part of an entire harem! I have no venom toward you or no hate. Just disappointment that you really threw it all away and wasted twenty some odd years of my life…….

I hope you are faithful to your “next” Mrs. if you don’t die from a sexually transmitted disease first.

Wishing you your just due,

Your ex-wife,

P.S: The divorce papers will be brought to you on your job to sign long before your lunchbreak blow-job.

As our soon not to be married womanizer stood there in the empty space of what use to be his bedroom, he felt a gripping pain deep in the pit of his stomach that he never experienced before. It was a massive lump sum of an emotional payment for all of the violations that he committed against the innocent soul that was his ex-wife to be. This is how the matters of the heart work themselves out on a cosmic level. It’s the same power of balance that the universe executes to maintain the balance of the sexes in our population. It’s the same power that allows a woman to one day be free of the pain that wrapped her entire being after being done wrong by a man.

We as men have to be very careful how we treat our women, we are in a system of divine balance that monitors every transgression no matter how we deem it insignificant. We in our blind lust to drink in as much pleasure from as many sources as we possibly can have forgotten that we are in essence upsetting the balance of a system that was made to maintain peace and love.

How is this you ask?

Well imagine a banquet that was planned to accommodate one thousand guests. The planners of this affair made sure that there were one thousand seats, one thousand tables settings and enough food catered for one thousand guests. Of course there are the other amenities in detail that would take up to much space here to go into but I believe you get the point.

Now imagine everything is in place and ready to go with the banquet start time nearing at two hours away, but someone who doesn’t understand that this function was meticulously planned to accommodate one thousand people enters in through an unlocked rear entrance unbeknownst to the banquet’s hosts. This person wasn’t officially invited but doesn’t see the harm in going in with ten of his friends to take a few plates of food that is on the serving table waiting to be served to the invited guests. They don’t understand that everything as it was before they violated that space was laid out perfectly for those reserved guests. They think nothing of it as they grab as much of the culinary delights as they can because they feel that their actions would go unnoticed.

Long after they have exited and indulged in a pleasure that wasn’t meant for them, the real guests enter and the covert violation doesn’t surface until the food runs out toward the end with over ten guests being able to the dishes that they paid for.

What many of our men sometimes do not understand is that the women that we “go through” so easily is really a divine gift prepared and reserved for a specific person who is destined to fill that spot in her life and will treat her with all of the love and care that she can handle. when we sneak in through the back door of her heart and hijack “the goods” that weren’t ours to devour in the first place, the hurt, pain and “void” left behind that she experiences because of our lack of respect to the higher order will many times leave that one designated King with an empty plate when he should have a complete meal!

The hurt and pain that we have caused most often won’t be realized to many years later when these intimacy issues arise and she might be apprehensive to even commit wholeheartedly because of what she went through in the past when she was lied to and played with ONLY to enjoy the physical pleasures that she gave so freely because she thought she was loved.

So when you see a man who comes home to an empty house that USED to be a home, there HAD to be a reason for that to happen. Most of the the time it is not the woman being devious at that point because any woman with an ounce of sense in this world is not going to leave a good man even if he has a few flaws in his character makeup because she knows that NO ONE is perfect.

So while many weren’t there to see the hidden conditions of what caused this scenario to play itself out in this manner, they will pity this man because they never saw what he was carrying on with while maintaining the image of the family man that he really wasn’t. That empty hollow feeling that he now feels at the pit of his stomach PALES in comparison to what a woman feels when she finds out that she is cheated on. And if the truth be told, his coming home to an empty house and discovering that his bank accounts have been cleaned out is a mere slap on the wrist when compared to that pain that she has to be reminded of for the rest of her life.

You see, once a woman tastes that type of pain and violation she can never give every ounce of her heart again unless her Creator takes that pain away. It’s a lifelong struggle to be able to open up in modest levels and we should understand that by a certain age in our lives that there aren’t too many women who haven’t been violated in some form or fashion by the shark infested waters of this world where emotions and feelings are merely feigned in order attain what is desired.

But God knows the games of deception that are constantly being¬† played and this is why He has given so freely to the female species what is called a woman’s intuition.

Brothers, we “ain’t” fooling anyone! While we can say what we say in the short impressive bursts to the women on the outside who don’t know us like our woman at home does, she picks up on things long before we THINK we have the chance to be detected with our games. Some women will watch, some women will react sooner than others but WE just never pick up on the fact that she is on to our games long before we feel we are in the danger zone of being discovered. God has given her the power to have the upper hand and we can NEVER defeat such a divine radar so the best way to keep things happy and peaceful is to walk the straight and narrow and leave those games ALONE!

Let’s be real here…….

It’s better to stay home a jerk off instead of going out into the world to violate your vows of commitment to her and the trust she has afforded by tasting another woman’s forbidden fruits.

Which one is worse? Which one will hurt her to the core of her being? Having your woman walk in on you while you stroke yourself or having her find out that the man that she once held in such high regard is not the man that she bragged to the world about the great qualities of pristine character that she THOUGHT that you possessed in abundance?

Not only does it hurt, but it’s EMBARRASSING!

It hurts to the core like anything else that you could imagine as a man and I have even heard many women say that while childbirth is painful, they would rather deal with bearing a child than having to deal with the pain of deception that they never asked for and never EVER deserved!

So when you encounter a woman who may have it going on and possess all of the qualities that would make her a wonderful wife and she doesn’t seem to be too open on getting to know you even if you have your act together, know that for every woman out here in the world who might have issues with a committed relationship was made that way because of a no good man. If the divine order was never violated we ALL would be happy and fulfilled without having to undo something that should have never happened in the first place.

Control your urges and keep your family intact and your wife in bliss, for she is the gift that can never be replaced. Life is just too short for the drama that in actuality cuts the happiness that God has for us all to enjoy.

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