The Insecurities Of The Damned And The Ineffective Attacks Of The Defeated

In the last few days I’ve felt a pulling on my very soul in a manner never experienced before. It is not a sense of urgency type of thing, but a calm reassurance from a higher plane that everything will be alright.

I know many times I mention that there is so much evil in the world and its true. But on the flip side when God has His protective hand over your life then you have nothing to really worry about. That’s the kind of pulling on my soul that I am feeling if you can understand and grasp  where I’m coming from.

An experience that may have been traumatic for someone else may not be the same for you and if the truth be told just might be the easiest task to overcome for you!

This brings to mind a recent exchange between myself and a few negative based bus drivers in a chance meeting in the restroom after a long day at work…….

But before we get into that conversation let me explain something, very four months we bid on our new bus routes to drive and its a seniority based process. So the more time that you have on the job, the better the chance that you have to secure the run that you put in for. But you must put in for a second or third choice just in case you do not get what you put in for because of someone who has more seniority “bumping you off.”

Well I must add that most of the drivers are disgruntled at this time on the job and they will complain about everything to do with management and the working conditions to the point of it threatening their health from the constant tensions, anger and general gloom feeling of hopelessness that comes from feeling the full brunt of being an underpaid wage slave who realizes that pretty much there is nothing more to life than working a thankless job until the day they find you dead somewhere.

Ones outlook on life doesn’t have to be that way and I can never get trapped into such a doomed way of thinking. I guess that’s why I can never really hang around such entities for very long, its a big wonderful world out there to righteously conquer and after I put in my mandatory time making my “it pays the bills” paycheck I am just too enthused to get out there to partake in the vast opportunities that an elevated mindset has blessed me with from operating in accordance with the will of God.

So as these very large men entered the restroom with their guts laden with the toxic fast food that they have been fooled into thinking was real nutrition, with the intention of unleashing the intense nasal intrusions that will cause me to run with the same urgency of a roach who caught the first trace of his residence under the fridge being bombed, I knew that they really had nothing positive to say as miserable as they appeared.

“Hey guy!” One of the smaller men said who probably weighed in at a small 300 pounds. “What did you get on the bid? Did you get what you want?”

Now if the truth be told, this gentleman has seen me everyday for the last few years of me working at this job and has never spoken to me once even after I gave him the three mandatory greetings that I will afford someone before banishing them from my consciousness after they act so rude.

But I engaged him anyway because I was in the mood for some spiritual warfare and the verbal wrestling match that would result from the obvious clash of personalities and difference of mindsets and lifestyles

“Sure! I got exactly what I wanted!” I answered almost immediately after he heaved out his inquiry to me in his strained manner of breathing that was probably the result of years of bad eating combined with a steady intake of mucous forming dairy products.

“Well what did you get?” He asked as though I would be surprised that he ask, I mean, the man was grunting like a pig so why would I be taken aback that a man with such terrible personal grooming habits (Trust me on this one, there are just some things that I just WON’T share of what I saw because you might be eating a meal at this moment and I wouldn’t want you to throw it up out of disgust! LOL!) would begin to dig for information that really doesn’t have anything to do with him? And again, how was he so interested in my chosen work when he never even thought enough to even return a passing face to face greeting?

“Yes” I replied, “I got exactly what I wanted, I got Bus Route 443!”

There was a dead silence in that restroom as every bodily function that had been in progress either stopped or was chopped off (Pun intended!) to not miss the responses that I was surely to get because of my chosen work for the next four months. The sound was banished but dear Lord the scent was still very much present!


…….I swear everyone present blurted that one statement out in unison with more precision than a well rehearsed gospel choir whose intention it is to impress the crowd of a new church that they are visiting and performing for out of state.

All eyes were now on me because if the truth be told, the 443 Bus Route is generally accepted as being the toughest most uncomfortable bus route in the entire bus company!

So these negative based individuals couldn’t WAIT for the opportunity to tear down one who for the most part always seemed to be a little different in having his act together.

The general consensus from my distant observations is that I am NOT one of “them” (And trust me, I don’t want to be!) and that they were surely going to bring me back down to earth with this once in a lifetime opportunity to clip my wings but they would be in for a very big surprise in this musty restroom on this night for SURE!

“What was I thinking of” I replied as though I hadn’t a clue as to what they were getting at…….

“I wanted a nice Bus Route that never goes downtown, I thought it would be nice to change up the scenery and the people!”

“Well buddy you got what you wanted!” One of the gentlemen replied from behind the door of the toilet stall who had one of the more impacted colons out of the bunch, to say that he was full of sh*t wouldn’t be an understatement at all as his offerings to the immediate atmosphere had my nostrils questioning if the still running air conditioning unit had taken a short lunch break because it surely seemed like it abandoned me at this point!

Now they ALL jumped in on the verbal attack on my choice for work…….

“You are never going to have a break!”

“You will ALWAYS run late!”

“And when you run late, the people will curse you out!”

“There are not many places to go to the restroom on that route and you will be miserable trying to hold it all day long!”

“Boy you REALLY messed up!”

Then they all as if on cue, broke out in the most pained laugh that one can muster, it dawned on me that they really intended to make me feel bad even more so than I thought in the beginning. But not one time did I ever absorb their rant because I had to consider the source of where it came from an the intentions behind it.

But first let me say this, after an entire week of driving the new bus route 443, never have I been as happy driving the bus.

You see, as a vegetarian, my gut is not out of control like these other drivers who shovel down huge amounts of toxic junk foods and the sugar laced amenities of death. No! Not me! After a nice huge breakfast of home cooked non-meat cuisine. I snack all day on fruits and nuts as I need them but I don’t even eat any meals during the day so why do I need to stop and sit down to a long break to consume what I snack on?

So therefore I don’t need the breaks that one needs who is packed with all kinds of putrefied substances that they greedily graze on at will…….my body behaves itself quite well.

So since I drive swiftly and follow my time sheet with precision, time or being late is not an issue. So when compared to the others who drag their feet well, they seem to do it to themselves.

As a matter of fact, it is a blessing to do this route and love it so much that I intend to continue driving it because it is a blessing to love something that everyone else swears they hate. I guess that will make it where it won’t be a problem getting it over the next few years.

And the added benefit is that I can drive in my own happy world without having my meditation interrupted because of my trips that I would have to endure downtown that my former routes had to do. No gossip. No idle chatter. No negative spirits. Just drive your bus, bring it in when you finish and go home unscathed!

And maybe just to make those negative coworkers of mine feel good about themselves I will probably tell them how much they were right about how bad the route is and that I am suffering everyday so much! LOL!

I love the mind games. I won’t lie. I’ve become the master of such things but never execute them until I am under attack. Many have found out the hard way. But oh well…….

Now why I went through the bother of sharing this entire story was to set up the point that we all are equipped with different potentials and that what may be a strain for one may be a breeze for another.

So while these disgruntled coworkers of mine did their best to try an discourage me it was only a peek into their frail mentalities as they attempted to project onto me. But deep down I believe they really couldn’t have believed that I would have even absorbed one iota of their insecure frailties to adopt it as my own. But they took their best shot and got their feelings hurt because they are just not built to handle the challenges that I am proven to endure in this world!

You see, we all have our strong points and we all have things that we need to work on but cowering down and away from a challenge for me is not one of them. I’m sorry. You won’t find that trait anywhere in my makeup. And this is why I just can’t really get along with an insecure man because they sniff the confidence in me and feel a need to take a shot to bring me down a level or two that the fat men in the restroom on my job.

Always remember this – a truly confident and positive man (Or woman) will always be about building up their surroundings and will have absolutely no time to concern themselves with wasting the time to tear down another. When they witness another individual who is inspired to conquer their personal mountains, they will share all that they can of their resources of insight to encourage that person to soar even higher. It is their duty and because at one time someone embraced them in the same generous manner, they know that it is their duty to pass on what was so graciously shared with them.

On the other hand, it is imperative for some reason that the weaker entities of this world spend what little life force that they can muster to attempt to pull down an individual that they KNOW will fly high because they understand that they were NOT able and equipped to soar the heights of God’s creation not because they are deficient in any area to succeed but because their indulgence into the spiritual toxicities of this world has literally clipped their wings from any chance of achieving any measure of an upwardly mobile existence.

So they in essence have failed themselves. They have made themselves impotent to enter a world that is so fertile with opportunity that they will never impregnate any area of expertise with a manifestation of their dreams on any level because they have shot their load on all things that are NOT considered the fruits of the spirit!

Never allow or consider the thought of failing around these people! This is what they specialize in and they come out into the world to seek and destroy any good thing that appears to a light in their midst. So continue to hold on to the faith that you have in God and know that you are equipped to move mountains as your Creator has! Never let the thinking of the defeated permeate your righteous and victorious mission.

…….for they will forever be the sad spectators who will envy your spectacular performance of career highlights on the intoxicating stage of life!

Let’s get busy people! We don’t have time to take bows until we draw our last breath and life as it is has passed as our collective energies have graduated to the next level.

See you there! But until then, I will be enjoying that easy Bus Route called the 443.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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