The Jews Weren’t Having It! King Eddie Apologizes!

The Jews weren’t going for it!

Why would Eddie Long have to apologize if that bogus ceremony was on the up and up?

Bishop Eddie Long’s Apology

That is one thing about the Jewish community that I MUST respect, they aren’t going to let ANYONE defame their traditions with such a clownish display in their name!

Us as Black people?


We will fall for just about anything and that was evident upon seeing the cheering, clapping and crying idiots that felt as though this cartoon like presentation was something of substance. Those who cheered this on are truly past the point of all reason.

Looks like I am in the wrong line of work! The only reason that I could never be such a rip off artist in the name of the Lord is because I know that there is a HEAVY PRICE to pay for prostituting the name of the ONE TRUE GOD for mere profit!

I wonder where are all of those people who jumped all over me for speaking out on this issue when the scandal first broke? Touch not thine anointed? The only anointing that Eddie Long was good for giving was an anointing of K-Y Jelly on a young boys anus!

And let’s hope they even USED lubrication!


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