The Joplin Missouri Tornado Tragedy: A Cleansing Of Sin?

My first thought that came to me as I was informed via CNN of the devastation that was caused in Joplin, Missouri from that massive twister was that our Creator is not playing anymore.

He is not playing anymore because He is tired of waiting for us to do what we were put here to do but instead have piddled away this gift of life on our own carnal cravings to the point where we feel it is our right to indulge in whatever transgressions that we please and get highly upset when anyone reminds us that there will be consequences for our actions.

It’s almost like the person who borrowed something from you for so long that they began to think that it belongs to them and get insulted when you ask for it back! This life is NOT ours to do what we want to do with it and we have laws that guide, protect and govern us in our journey through this life that we haven’t been heeding.

Joplin Tornado Aftermath

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