The Joy Of The Process & The Beauty Of Restoration

The Joy Of The Process & The Beauty Of Restoration

Good morning everyone!

I just woke up after an intense three hours of sleep and an even more intense need to get up and share the words that have been placed in my heart for someone who needs them.

I have been writing a lot more these days than usual and it is part of my creative process that I love. Like I share before, I purchased a Cintiq (Google it! It’s a wonderful piece of equipment and the Rolls-Royce of graphics gear for professional graphics artists!) recently and have been self teaching myself on it in order to bring to you the very best of the artistic abilities that got many of you to take notice of my presence in the very beginning approximately ten years ago (It’s been THAT long?) in my introduction to the cyber world.

All through the years, what has kept me at it through the good times and the rough challenges (And for those who know me, there WERE some ROUGH TIMES indeed!) was the fact that it wasn’t the end result that I always shot for, but the beauty of the process in getting there.

Maybe I am the only person who is like this but I don’t know, but when I would reach the goal of completing another piece of artwork or dropping some words from my soul on a new blog, there would be a sense of being let down that would sink in. No, I wouldn’t get straight out depressed or anything, but I would suddenly feel a void from within that would overtake me if I didn’t have that next project in front of me to do or that next creation to sink myself into right away. Even if I didn’t start that very day due to the fatigue accumulated from the prior pursuit of excellence I would feel good knowing that it was there so that I could take a bite into it when I was ready – which would usually be that night! LOL!

You see, as far as I am concerned, you miss something so very enjoyable and fulfilling when you rush to the end result and never enjoy the beauty of the process. When you rush in your car to get to the store really fast on a day where you may have the time to walk, you will miss out on the interaction with the very community from which you live in and wither away the sense of living amongst the wonderful people to whom you’ve lost that opportunity to engage in the pleasant greetings and small talk that transpires when you take your time to make your trek to the marketplace on foot.


You miss something when in your lovemaking you rush just for the feeling of orgasm instead of enjoying the bliss of giving your partner the maximum pleasure and basking in their afterglow as though it were yours (It really should be yours too when they are deliciously taken there!) because in the bedroom it truly is better to give than to receive. This is why we settle for a quick session of non direction manual stimulation for the sleeping pill effect and forfeit the joy of merely getting there slowly with our loved one. Oh how sweet it is to be taken to the edge and made to linger there before falling off of that cliff of ecstasy never realizing what time it was when you feel asleep but realizing that you are waking up oh so refreshed! (That’s an entire different blog family! WHEW!)

We all miss out on the all too rare fellowship around the kitchen table when the preparation of meals were a collective effort where every little able hands young and old had a role in bringing not only the ingredients that were there for THAT meal into order, but in bringing US together as family and friends for that impromptu quality time that seems to be oh so distant and rare as we have replaced the natural therapeutic interactions that used to come so abundantly in for those ever increasing trips to the psychiatrist not knowing that our old way of doing things actually kept us healthy in ALL facets of our existence no matter what life’s struggles were.

Yes, there is something so wholesome about the process of creation and the subsequent beauty that manifests thereafter.

This is why in my personal life many will say to me that they really hope that I “blow up” – By “blowing up” for those who are reading this from abroad in another distant land and may be a bit confused as to what that slang term means, it means that they hope I become famous and rich. Well, while I do believe I would truly know how to handle such a “place” if it came my way at this point in my almost fifty years of living in this very interesting world, I’d have to say that THAT is not why I do what I do!

I do not stay up late to the wee hours and later waking up earlier than most editing the graphic images that you see on and all of the other social networking vehicles that I utilize to extend the reach and effectiveness of my work on a promotional level merely to BLOW UP. I do this from my heart as I was taught years ago that ones life is only as important as to the OTHER LIVES that you have affected! You see, it doesn’t mean anything to have accrued lots of material items and riches in this world yet never have affected someone who will live on beyond your physical life to continue feeding the world with the higher knowledge that you may have been afforded to have learned and absorbed.

This in itself is part of the beauty of the process. I gain a warm and very satisfying feeling of accomplishment when I receive an e-mail or a text message that let’s me know that something that I may have expressed in my writings or videos may have affected them to move into a positive action in their personal life where they may have otherwise faltered and gave up on this obstacle ridden racetrack called life. Instances such as those let me know that I am doing God’s work without the fanfare and accolades that so many strife for as though that in itself will bring them closer to gaining entry into the favor of God and eternal life. It just doesn’t work that way my friend!

But to enjoy toiling in the trenches of everyday life and knowing that I am truly making a difference in the lives of those around me everyday is the reward enough. Blowing up is fine but if I did I would utilize that leverage to do more of what I do to bring more positive change and action in the most authentic ways deep in the damaged hearts and minds of those who have taken a beating in this life in the demonic crossfire in the battle fields of spiritual warfare in this life.

This is why it is not a problem to me to work two jobs and STILL get all the things that I get completed in the span of the twenty four hours that God gives me to work with.

It’s that sense of being in the trenches everyday amongst the people when i drive my bus to hear their troubles and woes as I then go in to express a solution to what may ache in some hurting strangers heart. See, I really don’t have the time to attempt to grab some cheap thrill of craving to be “THE MAN” because there is always better out there and I know it. I am a humble servant who enjoys playing my position in the larger diaspora of this wonderful world and would gain literally nothing in wasting the precious gift of life and the non replenishable limited amount of time that I have been granted on this earth merely to be known as the guy who has the flashiest car, all the women or the most mind blowing sexual skills in the bedroom! What joy or sense of accomplishment would I gain from those pursuits that at best have a satisfaction level that is very brief at best?

For me personally, by relentlessly utilizing my creative skills and enjoying the beauty of the process has given me the extra bonus of having the joy of restoration. What do I mean by that? Well our heavenly Father above has helped to restore my enthusiasm and zeal for life because of my readiness to submit to the blueprint that He always had for my life that I must admit that I didn’t always submit to in obedience. The reason why my enthusiasm is now at an all time high is because I am doing what my Father put me here to do. He placed me here with this burning passion to reach out to the world in my own little way and I am in bliss because I am on the road to my destiny.

A Second Job & A Humble Spirit

While your Pastor probably wouldn’t mind serving as an usher in the church service, it was not his purpose to serve as an usher as it was his divine calling and breeding to be exactly where he is standing every service, right there speaking out the word of God in his own unique way. That being said, it might not be a great thing to take that usher and put him in the position of being the pastor because that may not be their anointing in this world.

This is where the problem lies, too many of us want to be the head when we were created to be the foot. Too many of us attempt to be the mouth that eats the food so visibly and publicly instead of being that oh so important anus that expels what we have taken in and if ever shut down would halt the process of ALL our bodily functions! LOL!

That being said, what EVER your positioning or divine placement is in the entire scope of being a servant in the kingdom of God, accept it wholeheartedly and work it with and overabundance of joy as this is the ONLY way that our Father will promote us to a higher position in his kingdom. To be envious of another who may appear to have gained more attention to themselves because of how they have humbly served THEIR calling is just not right and will cause YOU to be demoted on a divine level to where you will never be elevated ever again until you cleanse yourself of that spirit of jealousy!

I have humbly served and never waivered in whatever it was that God commanded me to do in my heart. Yes, there have been many times that I may have been caught up in the worldly happenings and have ignored the instructions given to me but I will tell you that in the end I only hurt myself and cut MYSELF off from the blessings that were to be delivered to my life with my name written all over it!

You will never be able to sustain an intense pace if you are not working within the positioning that God has ordained for you. First, you must rid yourself of all of the wicked spirits that may have infested your life and then pray to your Creator and ask Him to point you in the direction that HE craves for you to move in!

Keep your ego in check when only the menial chores are there for you to do without the fanfare as this is merely a testing ground to see if you are humble enough to submit to His higher stations that He will bless you with once it is proven that you possess a spirit that is willing to serve and please. Once you rid yourself of all of the residue of this world that will have you acting out of your core character then God will restore the joy in your heart because you have submitted to the order that He set for you long before you were even born into this world.

This is why after all of the years of sleepwalking through life and thrown into the heap pile of mediocrity has He granted me yet another chance to shine out all that He has placed within me in a great way because I realized that I had allowed myself to become encrusted with the spirits that have clogged my spiritual filters rendering me inoperable for anything of a Godly nature.

I am proof positive that if you maintain a humble spirit throughout the trials and tribulations of this life that in time God will exalt you into the joys of ascending into your destiny and given you a peace of mind that those out in the world will never understand.

Once you go there you will NEVER want to return to the carnal hedonistic way of living and EVERY MOMENT of every day will be a virtual joy and bliss!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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