The Joy That Comes From Being Real With Ourselves

Most of us are living a lie but will never face the fact that we are in pain possessing no joy from within.

We’ve told ourselves time and time again that we have reached a point in our existence where we are truly happy but deep down inside many of us don’t really know what happiness is.

We work so hard to appear happy to the other unhappy “happy acting” folks but are screaming out silently from within because we are so thirsty to taste one drop of Joy on the tip of our tongue before we pass on in our transition from this life.

We repetitiously execute the same identical actions in the hopes of manifesting that elusive result yet find ourselves disappointed yet again when we wake up with a bigger void in our hearts than we went to bed with the night before.

Our Social Media indulgences punctuate that fact because what we display outwardly to the world as happiness is a far cry from the pain that we work so hard to hide from within.

Speaking of Social Media, it is infested with these false entities, attention whores, resentful trolls and lost souls looking for that temporary distraction that will remove their pain even if it’s for a very brief time.


It’s so sad that in this day and age with so many platforms available for us to communicate with one another that we are even more distant and disconnected from each other.

Our spirits are drying up like the thirsty crops during a severe drought without the hint of a rainy day in sight.

The tragedy in this is that it really doesn’t have to be that way for humankind but we continue on living the lies to cover our despair.

Instead of facing our shortcomings as mature adults we hide from them like that scared little child who swears that the overcoat hanging on their bedroom door is a headless spook who is going to get them in the middle of the night.

So we play pretend in putting on an award winning act and this is why so many of us blow our brains out without any hint of our pain revealed to our peers before the tragedy happened.

“I can’t believe that they took their life like that! They had it all! A nice house, a very nice car and a well paying job that they were soon going to retire from……”

Those are the words of those who never really knew how their now deceased friend was living a lie so far away from the abundant life that they so falsely projected.

Money can’t cover the lies that you live because the truth eventually comes out if not in life then surely in death.


Fame cannot remove the pain of living a double life as it will only exacerbate it as the masses who flock to honor/worship your false image will eventually figure it out as they dissect your every unguarded move with a relentless paparazzi-like intensity.

So to clean those unseen personal filters that have been severely clogged with ego, pride and arrogance to really dig deep and face our true selves is the only answer to living a truly happy life.

Of course it is my personal belief that we submit to a Higher Power to align our lives with Divine Guidance, but even then we will never get the benefit of such an outlook if we can’t get beside ourselves and our inflated assessment of who we really are in the overall scheme of life.

Once we stop living the lie that constant feeling of emptiness inside, the pain of past injustices from old relationships gone sour and a balanced sense of self esteem will be restored to allow is to enjoy the gift of life wholeheartedly without the toxic trappings of this world robbing us of the joy that comes from being real with ourselves.

Laughter, contentment, peace of mind and a heart intoxicated with constant bliss are but a few of the benefits of cleaning one’s internal mechanisms and there is no drug, no indulgence or no thrill that can beat it!

…….try it sometimes, you’ll be glad that you did!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Self Reflecting Brother,



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