The Joys And Benefits Of Living A Reclusive Lifestyle

The more I deal with the issues, hangups and demanding personalities of people is the more I can understand the benefits of a reclusive lifestyle.

Whatever resources it is that you seem to possess, the spiritual vampires are oh so ready to swoop down on you to relieve you of your gifts and hijack them for they’re own. They will act as though they are concerned about you but in actuality they only have their eyes on the prize.

Now do understand that money is not the only resource that these leeches will attempt to snatch from your possession. There is so much more than mere money that is of value to them if you have a proven track record of having a kind giving heart.

Your ear can be what these people want if you are the type to allow yourself to be held up just to be nice to a person who is seemingly in a depression or going through a bad time. But trust me, many of these entities who infest your life use this tactic from keeping you from doing what YOU have to do in the pursuit of your very real and attainable dreams and will continue to “pop up” at the perfect time to block, slow down or drain you from being one hundred percent for your well earned breakthroughs.

If that person or persons know that you have an important meeting in one hour that will change your life, why is it that they call right at that very moment to suck you down and “act” as though you never mentioned to them that you had something major going on?

You see, there are many ways for these types to come at you to throw you off and waste your time because in actuality, THEY do not have a clue as to what their mission is in their life and act as though they don’t even WANT one!

Drop them from your inner circle like a pan of hot boiling grits!

Hot Boiling Grits

If they don’t know what your positive intentions are then they won’t be enabled to attack your tranquility with their drama.

Maintain a guarded “relationship” with them if they are truly close to you but never allow them to get too close to the point where their toxicities corrupt your rhythm or take you out of your feeling of being centered with God.

This is the key, as we get older we tend to see life differently as our years on this earth come down to a close. It’s not a bad realization but a good one and one that makes us understand that every passing second should be utilized for something bigger than our small life and for something that will live on beyond us. Most who have grown and developed their natural God given sense of spirituality will understand where I’m coming from but there will always be those who think I am speaking nonsensical quackery. That’s fine with me as I cannot concern myself with anyone who never paid attention to the more important lessons that should have been learned in the classroom of life.

As I stated in the first line of this blog article mentioning the phenomenon of issues, hangups and demanding personalities, you have to be leery of these slow burning energy drainers and never be fooled at the source of them even if it originates from your own family or close friends.

The trusted categories and familiar positions that people hold so near and dear in our lives can become the Trojan horses that become rotten and evil behind the masks and have the perfect position from which to inject their hangups into your life as your own!

Trojan Horse

Now here you are confused in your own life, drained and not knowing why as you believe you have down the right things as usual but still can’t figure out why you are not feeling as your usual self. But upon further investigation you have discovered that those late night conversations with that troubled soul has kept you up too late or taken away from YOUR business and you just don’t feel right as you should be enjoying the peace of mind that YOU’VE earned but others don’t want you to experience.

You will never be able to reach your dreams and have that daily joy in your life if you allow these users to have the first “dibs” on the surplus energy in your life.

If you have earned the right to treat yourself to a new car and your dear friend continues to have baby after unplanned baby and can hardly afford a monthly bus pass, then that is not YOUR issue as you were not put on this earth to be anyone’s “Captain Save-A-Hoe!”

Now I am not calling women whores by saying that but it is a position that people will put us in by trying to make US feel guilty for having some semblance of discipline in our lives to reap the benefits of those worthy attributes.

So while it is okay to help anyone in need it is also mandatory that you don’t make it a habit!

Why? Because you will become that designated never ending mental, physical and spiritual ATM that will be expected to be on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

And about the “Captain Save-A-Hoe” comment, allow me to say that you can be a woman who a “man in need” is attempting to put you in the position of being HIS “Captain Save-A-Hoe” by always being there to give him an imbalanced amount of counseling, sex, money, emotional support and just overall being there for him when it’s not returned when you are really in need, so it’s not a designation or term that is sex specific.

So when you find out within yourself the realization that the only time that you have to yourself is when you’re sitting on the toilet bowl happy to finally get some peace of mind. (Until somebody knocks!)

Marlon Brando

Let me tell you what you need to do either permanently or temporarily, adopt the methods of being reclusive from the bull crap! It doesn’t mean that you are strange or weird, it means that you have put your foot down to reclaim your life back! I mean, what are you going to do otherwise? Just let your life lay out for everyone to pick over like some open and free buffet where these vultures swoop down on you and yank off what they need from you like that Thanksgiving Turkey that’s left in the refrigerator after the holiday is over?

So many people think that by shying away by being reclusive is a sign of weakness or giving up. It’s quite the opposite as I explain that it is actually being frugal with your personal energies to spend what you DO have wisely and without waste.

Being reclusive in this sense doesn’t mean that you will end up living as the extreme example like a Howard Hughes (Google him) or an older Marlon Brando, it means that you are empowered to live your life to the fullest in the endeavors that you CHOOSE to indulge in as opposed to the battles that other elect for you to fight in unknowingly and against your will!

Howard Hughes

Be elusive to the time wasters and reclusive from their presence. Cultivate what it is for YOUR life that the divine commands you to accomplish on this short time that we have here on this earth. Know that to engage in the foolish time consuming idiosyncrasies that they seem to possess an unlimited supply of is only taking you off course from YOUR destiny.

Living in a reclusive way will allow you to HEAR the direct voice of the Almighty in your soul and you won’t be relegated to experiencing hearing His wonderful words to you on the toilet bowl only! You will be free to hear His voice in the same manner that you are free after a hard days work to walk around your home with your clothes off in that special stress free manner, and I KNOW you can identify with THAT good feeling!

Once you master the art of living reclusive behind closed doors, the next level is to be able to maintain that state of being even if you are in a stadium full of screaming fans at a sporting event or around those negative based coworkers whose only conversation is about how bad their workplace is or how terrible it is to have to even be there!

Full Stadium

I have personally mastered this reclusive state of being even WHEN I am at work around the public like I am on a daily basis. I am only there just enough to get the job done but can hardly repeat anything that has happened in the workplace because I am not even there. This preserves me and enables me to see the beauty that is around me instead of the imaginary shackles that those strange negative based entities attempt to place around my neck through their loud statements and words designed to draw me in to some kind of confrontation. I am too far gone with feeling good talking to God and being connected to the Holy Spirit that those folks at best appear to be mere shadows that the light within me shines out to banish them from my psyche.

If I didn’t think this way i couldn’t get as much accomplished here online and I don’t think that anyone – whether they agree with my viewpoints or not – would argue with THAT fact so I must be speaking a modicum of truth from experience.


…….I really don’t care if the naysayers do or not because only those who are seeking truth and light will walk in agreement for the most part with me. While in our personal growth we can sometimes find ourselves up a road that is not conducive to our positive development, that reclusive quiet lifestyle will quickly bring us right back on point so never allow yourself to be pulled OUT of yourself.

…….that is where God is and THERE is where you need to be!

Don’t answer every phones call and don’t open the front door every time the doorbell rings. You don’t have to be that shoulder to cry on every time and you are damn sure not the local ATM! Do YOU first and make SURE that you are in a God centered state of mind, well fed in the Word as well as well nourished with your favorite healthy meal. Even race cars have to take a pit stop so know that in this modern day of hectic never ending demands on your sanity you MUST have that time to yourself and it will definitely come from living a RECLUSIVE LIFESTYLE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Reclusive Brother,




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November 14, 2014 6:47 AM

Why so many ways to get the word out on the benefits of reclusiveness? Do we really want those vampires in our lives to get insights into how to get under our skins in new & more dastardly ways?

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